Thursday, 24 December 2015

Top 10 Summer Beach Essentials you shouldn't be leaving your house without!

With Summer fully on our doorstep here in Cape Town, I imagine you and your family/ friend/ boyfriend/ cat are planning a trip to the beach, and why wouldn't you? Cape Town boasts some of the best beaches in the world. 

If your beach trips are spontaneous, the way mine always is, then you could be somewhat boggled about what to take along. Here are my top 10 Summer beaching essentials: 

1. Wide Brimmed Hat 

Yes, I never leave home without one, even if it's just going to lie in the car, at least I know I have it there (laughs). It is like having a pair of flats in the boot of your car when you running in heels all day. Another reason why I particularly like the wide brimmed hat is because it protects not only ones face but your shoulders as well where the sun hits first. 

2. Bathing Costume for your figure

Your bathing costume changes over time. It is true, what suited your body type last year, won't exactly this year. I think we may have all gone through this phase- that is- not finding the suitable bathing costume for ones figure or wearing the same one year in and year out. It's worth the time going out there and selecting the perfect costume to accentuate and flatter your figure. Mine use to be two piece bikini (way back when) but I came to realize that I prefer a fuller costume with a cool detailing of some sort. 

3. Hair Care 

Oh, yes, I can't stress how important it is for me (and you) to take care of your hair this summer especially when you find yourself on the beach and you're in and out of the water. The product you select is highly dependent on the type of hair you have. I have thick wavy hair so I would need something that is a detangler and nourishing. For finer hair, perhaps something to strengthen your locks as salt water on your hair can drain it and may cause breakage. 

4. That Perfect Summer beach dress

Perhaps let me just make something clear, do not wear jeans to the beach, its tight and can be uncomfortable especially if its like 30 degrees plus! Instead opt for something light weight, medium length and possibly a light color as you don't want to look like a walking corpse on the beach. 

5. Flip Flops (always)

As above, let me make another point very clear, don't wear sandals or sneakers to the beach. If you skeptical about this statement; ever try walking on the beach with sandals and have the sand go in your shoe, forcing you to stop and remove it all together? Yep! Now that's what I'm talking about. Stick to your flops, this summer its effortless and stylish. 

6. Towel 

Let me just stress there's a difference between a towel that you use in your bathroom and one for the beach. Please invest in one. They are not expensive and comes in an array of different colors! 

7. Water

Great to keep you hydrated, if you know that you heading to the beach the following day, don't forget to freeze some water. Trust me, you'll be grateful the next day! 

8. Fruit

Nothing better than Summer fruit on the beach. Place in the fridge the night before and you're good to go. 

9. Sunscreen 

You've heard it before! Carry your SPF with you everywhere! 

10. Beach Bag 

Where are you storing everything in? Yup. A perfect sized beach bag is great to store all your goodies in. 

I'd like to know what are some of your beach essentials. Let me know in the comments section below. Oh, and all product details are below after the jump :) 



Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Summer in HNM

Hi Darlings! 

Wool Jumper- HnM  Boyfriend Jeans - Woolies Shoes - Daniella Michelle - Watch - Guess 
Accessories - Mr P Lip Color- MAC in 'whirl'

So as promised, here is the outfit post Myself and Miskaa managed to pull together round about the time when my school hosted its annual Charity for the senior citizens of the community. This shoot was taken before and I eventually arrived -slightly late- (Laughs) with all the crockery that still had to be set up. More about that day on Instagram! Follow if you aren't already! 

About this Look ... 

I'll be totally honest, I wasn't invited to the HnM launch which took place a few months back. I wasn't really phased cause I knew that everything that I needed to see was posted on Insta like from EVERYBODY. The whole do looked great and amazing and all those pretty words. I needed to have a look for myself. I then went like two weeks after it opened. 

I then scored me this lovely baby blue jumper for under R200, very light weight and can be worn especially on those summer nights next to the pool or for a late night drive to the beach (IF you do those things, I know I do!).  I also picture myself pairing it for a more formal occasion like a wedding in Autumn with a poofy skirt and killer heels and not forgetting a perfectly styled turban to capture the look nicely together

These Woolies boyfriend jeans is a great fit for me, not too tight and not too loose, just how I prefer it to be. These Daniella Michelle cork wedges were a must have when I spotted them at the Zoom Factory Outlet Store in Paarden Eiland a few months back, and goody for me they were having a sale! 

Plenty of people have been asking me about my shades. These are cheapies from Mr Price! Bought them a while back when I was very into cat eye! But then again, I don't think I'll ever leave that phase. Cat eye shades is so classy! And this pretty lip color is from MAC (obvz) in 'whirl'. It reminds me of Kylie Jenner! I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. But hey, i like the fact that it gives my lips a more fuller look . 

I hope you had a great start to your Tuesday and I'd like to know how you would pair this jumper? 

PS: expect some exciting news to be announced soon! Hint: 4Flavour Accessories. Go ahead and give them a follow! 



Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Its been a while


                   Hi Everyone! 

It's been a while since I last wrote anything related to blogging! I'm SO glad I'm finally on holiday so that I could blog MORE just because I have the time and I love it so much! You probably wondering where I've been anyway?! 

BUSY!! Especially the last few months of this year is probably the most busiest time in a teachers life. You see, I needed to prepare my learners for finals, assist them in completing any outstanding tasks, set up exam Q papers, marking over 500 scripts, moderating (this is where we check the quality and accuracy of one anothers work) and then -the best feeling of all- handing in your marks! And all of this came with a strict dead line! 

Finally, I managed to hand my report cards on time and had the pleasure of reaping the rewards of learners glowing faces when they open their report cards and realise that they were proceeding to the next grade! In that moment I am smothered with hugs and an abundance of love from the student who I thought hated me all this time (laughs). 

Then there are the unfortunate few who didn't progress to the next grade. Let's just say I had some twin savers with me and a rehersed speech about not giving up and that everyone fails and it's not the end of the world (etc,etc,etc). But Alas nobody could prepare me for the sobs and a downpour of emotions from an-already emotionally driven-Teen! 

At that moment I dazed out of my window and realized that this is probably how I will be holding my kids one day (just a random thought)! 

So think about all those things and STILL finding the time to blog!! 

And that's not even all... 

But that may be for another blog post. 

PS: expect a look post coming soon! 



Monday, 31 August 2015


Happy Woman's Month (a lil late, I know). For this month, myself and Bride to be have something special for you ladies who are tying the knot and for those of you who are preparing for the big day! 

For those who were EVER involved in planning a wedding dress you'll know that it's more difficult committing to a wedding color than it is to a man. (Laughs)

Today's blog post is a little different because I get to talk to you a little about a bridal company called 'Bride-to-be.' 
Bride To Be is run by Tashreeqah Sadien and her team whose aims are to make your dream wedding gown a reality! New on the scene but ready to design every little detail of your dream wedding dress and make it that extra special. 

Below is a little Q & A session with Tashreeqah. 

What inspired you to start a bridal business? 

 I got inspired to start this venture with the hope of delighting every bride with her dream wedding gown, to add magic to it and elegance. All ladies dream of their wedding day since we were tiny in the hope of having that perfect wedding gown.  

Describe your bridal consultation session.

My team and I aim at making our brides dream wedding gown a reality. We aim to meet her every fancy for her dress and to make her feel special throughout her consultation with us. Our consultation is free as we take our time to listen to our bride’s requirements to ensure we have all the details to finalize her gown

What is the process in designing your clients dream wedding gown? 

We produce gowns from reference images that the bride can provide us and promise a 95% similarity to the reference image. We also have up to 150 of our own designs our bride can choose from.   

What is your vision for Bride to be?

I have a huge vision for Bride to Be, from launching a jewellery line to underwear and bedding.  Everything a woman wants and needs to start the beginning of her new chapter in her life.  We are having a lot of fun!
What do you have in store for the future? 

We started with producing the wedding gown and I am happy to say we have taken the flower girl on board as well.  We want to reach a point where we do the entire group.

Interested? Get in touch . . .

Twitter , @Bridetobe_sa

Instagram , @Bride_to_be_sa

FaceBook , Bride To Be - South Africa 

Check out more bridal designs from Bride to Be after the jump! 



Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Photo Credit : Miskaa Price / Iridescence Photography

So I was tagged By Rushda from  Rubes Closet (Obvz you gotta give her a follow) in the 21 questions tag! I think this is such an awesome way for your readers to get to know the person behind the digital platform !

If you haven't read my previous post similar to this (shame on you!) you can do so Here & Here

Let's dive right into those Questions! 

1. What is your current fashion obsession?

Longer Length shirts, The classic brogue shoe.

2. What are you wearing today?

Levi Jeans, AF1s, Turtle neck and Jacket to keep me warm! 

3. Hair?

It's Crazy cause I just air dried it!  

4. Do you nap a lot?

Yes! especially after a long day at work, I find it so refreshing! 

5. Why is today special?  

Well, it's a few days before my 8th Month Wedding Anni. So that's always special for me!

6. What would you like to learn to do?

I would love to learn another Language! 

7. What’s for dinner today?  

Cottage pie, yellow rice & Veg!

8. What are you listening to right now? 

My cat running around with her toy! 
9. What is your favourite weather?

10. What’s the last thing you bought?

Pj's from MrP cause it was on SALE!

11. What are your essentials when travelling?

Hmm, I just can't have a bad hair day when traveling. So my hair tools, flip flops and a camera! 

12. What’s your style?

Edgy, my own twist on things.
13. What is your most challenging goal right now?

Has to be trying to complete my thesis.

14. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?  


15. Favourite vacation spot? 

Wild Spirit Backpackers. 

16. Name the things you cannot live without?  

Hair essentials, BB cream, eye liner, red lipstick, toothpaste. 

17. How was your childhood? 


18. What would you like to have in your hands right now?

My degree in Educational Psych!. 

19. What are you most excited for? Right now?

I'm excited to spend the rest of my life with my amazing Husband, I am excited for the holidays that we'll go on and explore hidden gems. 

20. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

A really awesome Music Festival. 

21. Which countries have you visited?

Middle East.

Monday, 27 July 2015


The month of Ramadaan has just passed us and I feel like I've used it to my fullest. Well, I always feel that here and there I could probably improve. After a three week holiday from work, I feel absolutely refreshed and rejuvenated to start the ride and grind process again. 

I think that every profession should go on a three week holiday. It does wonders for the soul! Even though I am back at work I still feel the need to spend hours on sites like GroupOn  for local inexpensive holidays! My feet are always itchy for travelling, I am telling you the road trip had something to do with that. 

Well, back to what I wanted to talk about, I am the newest Style Contributor for Style Africa Fashion Network and I am so stoked because once a week I get to post a fashion mood board on anything that's trending at the moment. And for those of you who Follow Me on Instagram would see that a few months ago I started compiling work wear mood boards for those of you who needed a little bit of style inspiration for work. 

I started this because I recently got a ton of emails of folks asking me some tips on how to dress for work, and of course I thought it to be a great opportunity for me to kind of fill the niche in the market. I think that the only thing that I'm so bad at is to keep this on a regular. And sure, I don't want to be one of those people who promise you things and I don't deliver. (Laughs) Nur always comments by saying that I am often too hard on myself when it comes to producing work. I tend to check and re check every detail before I press the PUBLISH button! 

Do let me know what you think, your comments make my day!

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Monday, 6 July 2015


By Iptishaam Davids

I actually don't recall when IT happened. One day I was asking the learners to open the windows in my class because it was sweltering hot. I practically had to teach with a fan and had to put it on its coolest in my class. The next moment I found myself wearing a tights underneath my pants and invested in a heater for my classroom.Yes, the IT just happened. Winter has arrived. 

Here are 5 easy tips to survive the 'coolest' season around

You would find that in winter everyone commutes to work with their car due to convenience and mostly because of the weather. This makes the roads almost unbearable especially if you're traveling to the CBD. Leaving earlier, relieves the stress of traffic and keeps your time-keeper at work happy. 

I know that when you come from a long day at work you cannot wait to snuggle up with your electric blanket and Pj's... but you need to think long term. When winter leaves us you will be thinking about getting your body in shape. So why don't start now? My advice would be is to pack your gym bag the night before and place it in the boot of your car, at the end of your shift, remove your work attire and put on your gym clothing. This gives you more motivation to actually go to the gym. 

It's rainy and cold outside so take this time to spend time with the Le Familia indoors! Organize game night at your place. The games that you could enjoy are games like scrabble, 30 seconds and twister. Alternatively, you could have a cook-off whereby each person brings their ingredients to your home and cooks it at your place. This way you learn a new recipe and you enjoy the company of your loved ones!

Due to the increase of colder weather you will find that your hair will so start to become dry and brittle. Opt for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and apply a treatment mask to hair every second week to prevent damage.In addition, try as often as possible to wear some form of head covering to prevent any further damage. Similarly for your skin, according to research, your skin dries out faster in winter due to the evaporation of the air and your skin doesn't produce as much oils as oppose to the other seasons. Therefore, try and look for a moisturizer that suits your skin type and apply this moisturizer in the morning and evening. In addition to this routine, also try and exfoliate every second week. 

People often use this season as a time of complaints and a reason to be negative. The fact is that you cannot change the weather to suit you. So to be frank, just deal with it. Alter your daily routines so that you can enjoy the season and become a happier person in your work place and your family. 

I hope these tips were helpful!

What are some of your tips on surviving the chill?

I'd love to hear, 



Sunday, 28 June 2015


Hi Everyone!
Ramadaan Kareem!

Dates are essential at iftaar (time to break ones fast), having the same 'ol dates might be somewhat mundane. That's why I've decided to spice it up a little by trying out this really awesome date ball recipe. Blended with sugar and rich butter with a added pinch of vanilla essence and smothered in coarse coconut, its surely a ball of deliciousness you should try. The following will show you how.


A large sauce pan 
250g butter
250g sugar
1 cup nibbed dates
1 egg
Teaspoon vanilla essence
1 cup of Rice Krispies
1 packet Marie biscuits (crushed)
Coconut for coating

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Jersey & Scarf // China Town, Shirt,Jeans, necklace // Mr P, Boots// Foschini
Bag //Luella and Watch // Guess
Hi There!
I am sure that you're enjoying the winter chills as much as I am. I mean, it gives everyone a chance to dress up. Although I know some wouldn't agree that winter is that going out / dressing up season.  Trends like the blanket cape , aztec making a come back, gorg cut out boots and really dark berry lips, who WOULDN'T look for an opportunity to dress up and go out to flaunt the amazing trends which are out there.
Speaking of trends, one of the coziest trends out there are knits. I love them so much (see Instagram)  that I purchased them in each color from China Town. The outfit that I am wearing here is a fairly cost effective outfit where the most expensive thing I'm wearing are my boots and bag: what I always say is never compromise on the price of your shoes as they take you from really cold to really wet weather and for me it's important that ones shoes can stand the elements that we currently experiencing in Cape Town .
I hardly wear my turban any other way besides 'the back with a large bun look' but last week and Sunday I felt I needed a change. So there I was on a Sunday morning, on Youtube, looking up "How to style a Turban" and for sure the turban lady herself, Dina Torkia, demonstrated how to style this turban. I love this style because it's not difficult to knot and it's not something that I need to worry about like whether it'll slip off the whole time (you know how annoying that could be right?) .

The month of June you can expect me to have a cool (excuse the pun) AWwinter15 competition running on my blog & Facebook Page so you ladies need to enter and continue spreading the word about this blog! You are awesome. And also I am hoping to spread my creative wings a little by teaming up with one of SA's style/creative companies. I am really excited about such a venture as sometimes teaching can make me feel a little 'boxed-in'.

Thank you to Kauthar for taking these really fun shots and to Rasheeqoh from Capturing Concepts Photography for Editing! Both of you are a complete life saver! Thank you boo!

What do you think about this look?

Happy Youth Day!

PS: Check out the rest of this look after the jump.



Monday, 18 May 2015


Hi  everyone. 

While I'm typing this I have a crazy Monday-week ahead - with parent meetings and assignment due dates  I don't know how I am going to survive! But yet, I still find the little time to squeeze in a little blog post here and there. I do this just so that I can feel normal through all the craziness. Lately, I've just been procrastinating to a huge level which makes me wanna write up a post on how not to procrastinate (laughs). 

I've been searching for a cross-over skirt like this one for the longest time now so when I randomly popped into Ackermans the other day ( like when last? ) I saw this skirt on sale and I knew it was meant for me. 

I like the fact that I can wear this outfit up and down. Dressed up with my fav Woolies heels for a date night look or dressed down with my DC's for a Sunday afternoon out with the Hubz! Either way, I like it both ways. 

Thank you to Miskaa from Iridescence Photography for always shooting such great pics for my blog! Follow her for bookings. 

Oh! and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and to Like my Facebook page

Check out the cool pics after the jump 

Have a awesome week ahead! 



Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Hi there! I hope you're having  a great week thus far, I am on a well-deserved school holiday. So yay me!

Do you feel that? Yes, that's Summer saying goodbye and Autumn knocking on our doors. It's time to replace your open toe sandals with laced-up brogues and your thin throw overs with something a little bit thicker for those days when you find yourself still out after four. 

Today's post is something that I feel is trending at the moment and that's THE OVER-SIZED COAT. A few weekends ago I attended the Bokehh Fashion Film Festival and couldn't help but notice that what was trending on the red carpet were coats worn by the biggest names in the fashion biz. The way it was worn wasn't your typical fitted, strapped on Robocop look but rather chic and elegantly just thrown on over the shoulders. Gone are the days when coats were your boring and mundane shades of grays, browns and blacks and HELLO to all the shades of the Rainbow. 

So easily do we allow the weather to control what we wear but one thing we should remember is never to let the weather affect your sense of style and mood as it is so easy to drown in a whirlwind of browns and grays. Remember a true fashionista always keeps it classy! 

After the break I've added some amazing style inspiration on how to wear coats for Autumn. 

PS. Myself and Nur will be leaving tomorrow for the West Coast for a well-deserved break so catch me on Instagram to keep up with me!

Thank you for reading today! 



Monday, 6 April 2015


Hi ladies, just thought that I'd share some of my favourite scarf styles! No pins, No fuss! Happy Monday! 

Would you like to see more tutorials? Drop me a comment below and don't forget to subscribe on the right! 



       #1 The Side Braid 

                 #2 The Front Bun 

                                                                                                                         #3 The Front Twist 

Photo Credit  

The End

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Dress, Forever 21// Shoes, Gifted// Infinity Rings, 4flavour at YDE// Gold Arm candy, The Ramp Store // Earrings, Fashion Express 

My morning routine usually starts with jumping up at 7 'o clock the morning, rushing in the shower, quickly packing my lunch, eating breakfast whilst driving and with the last few minutes I have left,slither to my seat in the staff room before the principal walks in for his morning briefing. This is a Everyday occurrence without any alterations. I am sure that from my morning routine there are one or two things you can relate to. Right? 

In any case, the day when I had a little extra time on my hands, I had an epiphany: I am truly happy with where I am in my life. 

Regardless of the morning rush, I wake up and I think about all the things that I am grateful for like my health, the ability to think, my caring and supportive husband, the beautiful friendships that I have gained through the years as well as the fact that I am FINALLY starting to love my job! Yes, being a teacher is my true calling. I am bursting to tell you about my experience but let me do that in another blog post? 

As my life is blooming, so is my outfit! 
With its dark floral print and fitted ribbing piece in the center I knew that this dress would be the perfect dress that I would be able to wear to various occasions. Whether its for Eid (with a beautiful styled turban) or a comfortable yet classy date night look (as I've done here), this dress screamed all kinds of WOW for me. I complimented it with my favorite cork inspired heel, minimal make-up and accessories from 4Flavour and The Ramp store

How pretty are these images though? I always have so much fun with style photographer, Miskaa Price behind Iridescence Photgraphy. She made my dreams a reality because for the longest time now, I wanted to shoot a bohemian look! Yay! Follow to have your life captured through her lens! 

What are your mornings like?

See you soon



Monday, 16 February 2015

Review | Wet n Wild THINK PINK

Image Captured BY Capturing Concepts photography 

Hey Everyone! This is my first ever beauty review! I'm not really a beauty review kind of person but I LOVE reading them and I actually do go out and purchase and try a certain product when I really wanna try something that works. I think product reviews are a great way for the consumer to decide whether they would like to purchase a product before spending hundreds of rands. For the longest time now, I wanted to try a new lip colour like this one but a more nude shade I suppose?. I always tend to play it safe when selecting a colour. 

When I purchased this particular shade at Clicks I was so excited to get home to try it out (Yikes). And there I was, jabbing a thick amount of pale pink lipstick to my lips. To my embarrassment, I realised that the colour didn't suit me well- AT ALL. I showed my husband and he said HELL NO. The following day, when I did this particular look post, I decided to dab just a little bit on the top and bottom lip to give a slight pink. Then it started to look humanly appropriate. (Thank Goodness). 

And now I'm loving it. 

The texture is matte and easy to apply and does dry out your lips as long as you apply every two hours. Make sure you dab a small amount on both lips before you end up looking like Nicki Minaj on a bad day. 

Thank you for reading today. 

Have you tried the Wet n Wild range from Clicks ? 



Monday, 9 February 2015


Dress Shirt and Hat, MrPrice// Shoes, Fashion Express// Jeggings, Sissy Boy
Hey Everyone!  
 I trust that your work week hasn't been too hectic thus far. I started work on a few Mondays and I've met my new bunch of grade 8's. So I'm still in the memorizing of names phase (which I've become pretty good at since teaching). 

Anyway, when I got in touch with Miskaa Price from Iridescence Design I was quite thrilled when she agreed to do a few shots for the blog. The things that I look for in photographers are those who can give a good sense of direction, one who can make me feel comfortable when taking pics and especially the ones who love pictures to have that natural feel to it. Tip to new bloggers : when taking pics, relax your shoulders and do not be stiff. I think it shows on camera. Yeah, I might be pretty guilty of that too (Laughs). 


Lets talk a little about this look. When I spotted this dress at MrPrice a few months back I loved the dress but unfortunately the store didn't have my size. So I was stuck between the letting the dress 'go' emotionally and try to move on and forget about it. Sounds dramatic eh? Then to my luck when I returned last week I saw the same dress shirt (I say 'dress shirt because one can wear it either or) and scored it for a whopping R50! 

The few aspects I adore about the dress shirt is that I love this shade of orange. It gives me such a cool tanned look. The material is slightly sheer and that's why I opted to pair it with my old faithful white Sissy Boy jeggings. What is more eye catching about this shirt dress are the sleeves. I've always loved poofy sleeves but not those huge ugly ones, but the soft delicate ones that can add just enough 'oomph' to an outfit. I love the fact that I feel so 'girly' in this item. The shoes are so so comfortable and versatile and I scored them for under R200 at Fashion Express. 

Want your images to be captured By Iridescence Design? Follow them on Instagram or Email for quotes and packages. 

Have you scored any great purchases lately? I'd love to hear, so drop me a comment below. 

Thank you for reading today