Wednesday, 30 July 2014

LOOK BOOK | Modest Inspiration

When I was approached by Shanaaz from Cape Town 360 to be stylist for an up and coming Eid catalogue I was both excited and nervous. I suppose I never viewed myself as a stylist but of course I am always up for a challenge. 

When I think back to the photo shoot, I would say that the hardest part of playing stylist was the fact that I had to style ladies who were already fashionable and trendy individuals. No duh! Most of them were some of Cape Towns trendiest bloggers!

Needless to say, I felt like I was in my element when I styled these- already gorgeous - ladies! I even asked Aneesa (our photographer) about how one would 'get in' to this industry! I was seriously considering a career change! Insha-Allah (God willing) one day! 

On another note, I hope that you had a blessed and a happy Eid and I hope it was spent with amazing people who only brings joy to your soul. I know I certainly did. On a personal note this is the last Eid that I'll be in my parents home. Next year I'll be a married woman (Inshallah)

Have a look at the little preview of our Eid inspiration pieces and click here! to view the entire catalogue! 

Thank you for reading today and I hoped that you have been inspired by our designers AMAZING collection!  

PS: Follow these bloggers to be inspired by their great style and awesome content!


Saturday, 12 July 2014


Hey Everyone, just thought I would share this look post with you. Truthfully, I was a little skeptical to be putting up this post. One: because its similar to my Modestly cropped post, well it is similar because it was taken on the SAME day and the only thing that changed was the bottoms, shoes and the way the shirt is styled. Secondly, because I got unnecessary heat on Facebook about how that post is NOT Hijaab. It wasn't meant to be. Like I didn't wake up that morning and decided to flaunt Hijaab.

I'm moody. 


Like can you sense the moody undertone in my writing? 

I'm currently going through a crazy time with a LOT of things. I don't want to bore you with the deets but I am hoping that the storm passes SOON.  

I know that tomorrow I will regret this, lol. Initially, I wanted to post something fun like 'HOW TO WEAR A PLEATED SKIRT', but that would be fake cos I wouldn't be passionate about it. Instead, I'm honest enough to admit that I am moody. (Laughs) Perhaps moody is not even the right word to use.

On a lighter note, I hope that you are enjoying the month of Ramadaan & please don't forget to PRAY for the people of Gaza and all people going through hardships around the world Insha-Allah. May the almighty accept all our dua's / prayers, Ameen. 



Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Hi Guys & Girls! (I feel like I haven't said that in LONG time!) It's really good to start blogging again and as you might know I am FINALLY on a three week holiday which I will use for getting closer to my creator as such an auspicious month is upon us (Ramadaan Kareem!). And also to dress more modestly in respect for the month of Ramadaan. 

I suppose our biggest challenge as modest wearers is actually finding something that can be considered as 'modest'. Finding something appropriate can be a little bit of a challenge when trend forecasters are placing crop tops, short-shorts and see-through skirts in fashion! It can be quite depressing when you find that your favorite online stores have NOTHING that fits your 'modest' profile. What can we as modest wearers do??

Well, I decided that I would choose one item-which is a crop top- and convert it to somewhat modest-wear (according to me). In this look-post I have worn the traditional crop top over my check shirt and a distressed patch denim jeans. I have styled a turban (My Fav) and ended the look with these amazing cut out boots and tan handbag!

What item of clothing would you turn into 'modest' wear? And how?

Thank you for reading today! 



Checked shirt, Hang Ten | Jeans, Cotton On |
Crop, shoes & sunnies,  Mr Price | Watch, Guess |
Necklace, Zuri | Scarf & bag, China Town | Belt, Factorie |
 Lipstick, Revlon Scarlet flame