Sunday, 27 October 2013


Hello everyone! 

Besides having an undying love for heels and dressing up whenever I can, I also love dressing casually/bohemian. 

My fave bohemian must-haves are: 

1. A sun hat

2. A boho inspired dress

3.Comfortable pumps

4. Bangles , feathered earings, Rings

5. Loose hippy printed pants 

6. A pretty cardigan with an aztec printed detail

7. Wild hair , curly, wavy whatever

8. Minimal make up, has to be nice and clean and fresh looking 

9. Body - wrap bag 

10. A free spirited attitude


The bohemian look does not mean that you do not have to shower in the morning, it's simply about taking simple items in your wardrobe and giving it a more free-spirited vibe to it by adding pretty prints and subtle or semi-vibrant colors. 

Keep it classy, always. 

What are some of your bohemian must-haves? 



Saturday, 19 October 2013


Hey Everyone, 

I hope that you are having a fab day so far as summer slowly approaches the mother City. My outfit selection includes this fairly simple 'black-peppered' colored dress, neon pink 80's sandal like shoes ,a turban wrap on my head and a body wrap bag. 

All this against a otherwise beautiful isolated street in Cape Town. Lately, I am finding myself choosing my location so wisely, what do you think about my most recent decisions regarding location?



Sunday, 6 October 2013


Hey Ladies and Gents...

My last post did not turn out the way I hoped it would, I was suppose to share the following pics with you and talk about how much I Love my outfit like some kind of vain person. Laughs. But we do it don't we? 

Myself and Nur decided to stop on the side road of De waal drive before our hectic work hours commenced. I opted for this STUNNING (vain!!) canary yellow chiffon shirt and fitted denims and my new babyloves (cut out shoes) from Luella. I added my black and gold quilted bag and a outrageously high-ass bun. 

The wind stirred up a little, so it made my bun look a little CRAZY!!

Have a fashionable day further 



Thursday, 3 October 2013


A few days ago (if you can say the 19th of September was a few days ago) was my birthday. No, the day didn't greet me with sunshine but with pouring rain followed by beautiful wishes from my parents. I was then collected by my Fiance and we enjoyed the rest of day dining indoors and enjoying good food and good company.I also received the best birthday present EVER- A Canon Powershot digital camera (Thanks Babe!)

And that was pretty much it. 

Now I am twenty-two. 

I am not ready to be twenty-two though. 

Next I'll be thirty.

It sucks how life doesn't politely ask you if you ready to be a certain age, or if you can undertake certain responsibilities which comes with that age. For example, next year (God willing) I will be a qualified HIGH SCHOOL English teacher. I will need to take charge of a class in which the learners are a few years younger than what I am. 

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE teaching. It's truly humbling and a rewarding experience.   

I just feel that my qualifications is larger than my age. Then again, when do you start when you don't start young? In addition, which job started out with the person having enough experience anyway? You learn to be an expert in your field through experience (My Fiance said this).

Undoubtedly true. 

Forever young