Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hey Gorgeous Brunch

The first time that I had ANY clue about the fabulous 'Hey Gorgeous' Range was through our great friend Twitter. After seeing ladies rant and rave about the awesome quality products I knew that I wanted a sneak preview of what all the fuss was about. 

The setting 

The brunch took place at the 'Dear Me Brasserie' in the bustling CBD. Upon arrival we were given  AMAZING goodie bags with an interesting cup cake inside which was actually a body scrub (My niece had to find this out the hard way, lol ). The venue upstairs was set as a 'Breakfast at Tiffiny's' being an all white experience with Orange roses complimenting the subtle and unique textures. What I loved about this particular event is that the consumer had the opportunity to test the products before purchasing, this made buying a pleasure!

A little here and there ...

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the oh-so-beautiful and humble Rushda from Rubes Closet, Leana and Pheebs from the Hey Gorgeous  team and also the beautiful Carishma Basday whom I had a very interesting conversation about Rock climbing! All-in-all I felt like it was a great networking experience and  a great way to know the people behind the brand. 

Finally ... 

This week I am wanting to complete my 'How to' posts <3 So watch this space for some great tips. 

Always a pleasure writing 

Iptishaam Davids  

Some fab products! 

Myself & Rushda from Rubes Closet 

The pretty Lady next to me Carishma Basday 

Scrumptious brunch 

Goodie bags upon arrival 

Kiki taking an unexpected pic! (Say cheese?) 

A mini photo-shoot

PHOTO CREDIT : Kauthar Christiaan

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Prints and Textures (NOT A FASHION MELT-DOWN..I promise)

Hey everyone! It has been a crazy long weekend, from making my Dad feel super duper special for fathers day to working the long weekend (even the public holiday). 

Speaking about work, this is something I put together for the day in retail. I knew i wanted to wear this balmain inspired dress, watermelon color cardigan and military boots but still felt that I needed to add more layers and perhaps different textures? 

I remembered that I bought this really cool scarf from Cotton On the day before and decided to pair it with this outfit. The beanie from Mr Price was just something i added to give my outfit some playfulness. 

As you can see, this look comprises of many details.. From Military, Balmain to quirky and fun. Here it proves that you can wear different elements and textures and still look appropriate? 

Obviously I am honking my own horn here, and I am sure you have your own opinion.. So what do you think? Am I playing it too safe? Are there too many elements together that it is just a complete mess? 

"A good blogger opens themselves up to critic and ridicule, a great blogger takes it as a pinch of salt" 
-Iptishaam Davids

Monday, 3 June 2013

What you need to know: Top 10 winter clothing essentials

Hello! This weekend myself and friends were discussing what we feel our winter essentials are, after much giggles, fashion melt downs and disagreements from what is an essential to what is not, we eventually came up with this little list!

1. A versatile coat

Coats is definitely a must have in every girl and guys closet. Make sure your coat closet consists of colours such as navy , grey and black as you can pair it with anything. By doing this, you're making sure that your coat closet is versatile as well.

2. A great leather and denim jacket

In the light of spikes, embellishments and sparkly thingies which are currently trending at the momenet, it can be quite a challenge choosing a jacket which acts as versatile and easy to pair with everything. Therefore, next time you go leather or denim jacket shopping ensure that the jacket you're eyeing can be paired with most things in your closet. Keep it classy and timeless.

 3.Invest in long leather boots

The price of a good pair of leather boot could be quite a hard pill to swollow. Even so, investing in a pair of leather boots for those wet winter days is worth the swipe. Remember, you can not wear suede when it is raining, opt for a shoe that will protect your feet from the wetness (You'll be grateful after you have watched your little ones soccer game in pouring rain!).

4. Tights,leggings or opaque stockings

 Leggings acts as a great item to wear for those winter days. It can easily act as an extra layer for underneath your jeans, skirts or winter dresses. For more on leggings click here.

5. The ideal winter dress

Yes you get a summer dress and - now trending- a winter dress. Gone are the days when you go clubbing in a summer dress, instead wear a winter one. The winter dress is often spotted by the material used to create them. For example, when winter-dress shopping, look for materials such as wool, polyester and spandex. What i love about winter dresses is that one can look effortessly chic without wearing the good 'ol jeans which we are so indebted to. Note: pairing your winter dresses with tights is often a good combo:)

5.The chunky cardigan

Ever find that sometimes in winter it is just not THAT cold to be wearing a thick coat? Do you often feel like you are being weighed down? Why not opt for the chunky cardigan? This is an item that is warm and stylish enough to enhance the infamous bohemian look. More on cardigans here.

6.Wool & Printed scarves

For those gloomy winter days when it seems like you having a wardrobe malfunction (which you probably are), pair your 'boring' jeans with a great printed scarf! it will make your whole outfit from drab looking to fab in just one accessory! A tip: when wearing a woolen scarf, wrap the scarf several times around your neck to give yourself a 'warmer' look.

7.The ankle boot

The shorter cousin of the long boot is also something that can be worn with several items in your closet. It can be paired with jeans, jeggings, winter dresses and skirts.This is a great item to have in your shoe closet when you want a difference in shoe style. When shopping for the perfect ankle boot, there is not much restriction, opt for heels, wedges or flats. When shopping for this, get something which is comfortable for YOU.

8. Indigo & black jeans

Out with the faded light denims that you use to sport in summer and IN with the dark indigos and jet black jeans. These two color jeans is a must-have in your closet as most winter colors compliments these two colors well.

9. The laidback hoody

I often see this trend while on campus! students throwing on an over-sized hoody with leggings and boots and a thick scarf or beanie and off to the study den they go! I admit: i love it! Some girls ted to have that whole bohemian inspired look making them look gorgeous! You too can wear it when running some errands and you find yourself not knowing what to wear! GREAT!

10. Sneakers

I know that some girls are simply not boot-girls or even ankle boot girls. For this reason i wanted to add this in. Honesty, in winter, i still want to wear my beloved sneakers, and I DO (laughs). Choosing a great pair of sneakers which you know you can pair with most items in your closet will be a good choice to make. Other than that, ensure that your sneakers is water resistant somehow as well as warm and comfortable for the wet winter days.

 Remember when shopping for your winter goodies, ask yourself these questions:
*Is this item considered to be timeless?
*Is it something that i can imagine myself wearing next year again?
*Will it look good with X,Y,Z in my closet?
*Will i regret buying this particular item later when i get home?

                         What is your winter essential?

                              Lotsa thoughts and Love

                                   Iptishaam Davids <3