Thursday, 9 March 2017


Welcome to the second part of my Denim series! A huge thank you for all the love I received from you on my social media platforms w.r.t my previous look (view here!). It really warms my heart when I am supported, it motivates me to continue doing what I love. And makes me feel amazing that my voice is acknowledged. 

I haven't done 'Random' babbling for some time now and I thought HEY why not 'cause I've had crazy random epiphanies of late that I managed to place into five points. Here goes: 


1. We often invest ourselves in people who don't value us or our time. Break free. 

2. Some people may have 1 or 2 outta "flaws" while others have a 1000 inner. Just because yours are inner doesn't give you the leverage to judge others. (Know your place?)

3. A weak man can't love a strong woman. He wouldn't know what do with her. 

4. Some 'older' folk use their age to impose power onto those seemingly 'younger'.Being in a position of 'power' as a young teacher, I've never made my students to feel 'less' than I. I didn't demand this highty tighty shitty respect, but earned it. It was through this that I became a warrior teacher. #Fearless 

5. What you allow is what will continue. 

About this look... 

For this particular denim look I wanted to create a chic and comfortable Saturday (out with the girls) kind of outfit. I've opted to show you how I would wear the classic knee length denim dress.I like that this dress buttons all the way down so it gives the freedom to wear it open as a longer length denim shirt over fitted jeggings and a tee. Also, it's flattering for almost all body types (win!!). 

To compliment my outfit 4flavour Accessories was kind enough to send over this really cool fedora inspired hat. I really love wearing hats in summer as it saves me so much time with hair styling and on top of that it gives such a chic look to a 'boring' outfit. If you a bit weary about wearing a hat try pairing it with boyfriend jeans, a statement tee, a stylish handbag and you ready for lunch with the girls. These laced heels are such an easy walk though. That's why I thought it a great idea to pair it with this Saturday outfit. You can view more of this shoe story over here! 

Denim Dress//HnM, Necklace//Iconic, Watch//Fossil, Tan Tote Bag//Old Navy, Hat// 4Flavour available at YDE, Shoes// Mr Price online 
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