Wednesday, 31 July 2013


This week has probably been one of by busiest weeks since the year started! With assignments, tests and all that! Infact i wrote a test today which wasn't too bad considering i was not very confident to begin with! This is something i just put together for campus and made my way to meet my fiance after for a mid-week snack, just to unwind & relax! 

What I'm wearing

·Mint green CHIFFON shirt BY YDE  
                                                   ·Beige skinny BY PnP clothing
                                                   ·Sandles BY Mr Price
                                                   ·Neck piece BY Sass Dvia
                                                   ·Bangles BY Woolies and Sass Diva
                                                   ·Earings BY LEGIT
                                                          Thank You for Reading!! 
                                                                 Iptishaam Davids♥ 

How to Turban Wrap

As I promised in my previous post : I will show you ladies how to wrap a beautiful turban- especially now that the holy month of Ramadaan is upon us- without it falling off from your head! Hopefully this post will assist you in tying up those loose ends? 

STEP 1-3:

* Tie your hair up in a neat pony tail or bun. 
* Use a flower clip to give your turban wrap a little more volume 
* Clip the flower clip on your pony tail or bun 

STEP 3-10 : 

* Use a plain scarf that you would like to use for under your main scarf 
* Double-Fold your scarf in front if you find that your scarf is a little long 
* Twist your scarf at the back and tie around your flower clip
* Tuck in all the loose ends of the scarf if your scarf is a fringe scarf like mine. 

STEP 10-18 :

*Get hold of your second scarf that you would like to show (a little bigger and longer than your first one) 
* Repeat steps 3-10 

Useful tips to remember while doing the turban wrap : 
1. Rectangle scarves are the best to use when turban wrapping 
2. The texture of your scarf should preferably be cotton to avoid  your scarf from slipping off (Irritating) 
3. The BIGGER and LONGER the scarf, the better. 
4. Make sure your make-up is flawless as this look pushes all your hair back and gives plenty of emphasis on your facial features. 
5. Personalize your turban look by adding accessories to your scarf like pretty pins. 

Hope you find these tips useful 


Iptishaam Davids  

Monday, 29 July 2013


This is Kinda top secret because myself and nur are really private people
but last week we celebrated our 3 year anniversary! 

My friend had recently told me to go and check out this new resturant called the lounge. She knows that i love restuarant-hopping, and of course i went for it! 

Upon arrival we were greeted by the friendly staff who politely asked us where we would lke to sit, because the weather was warm that day we decided to dine outside, the perfect choice! 

A few minutes after taking in the decor and excellent service, we were greeted by our waiter 
and were shown the vast selection of foods! and boy was it hard to choose!Laugh out loud! 

I played it safe by opting for a delicious rump steak, fries, garden salad and creamy mushroom sauce, whereas Nur ordered a very filling chicken alfredo with mushroom sauce 
and garnished with parsley. To drink we had two refreshing passion fruit and lemonades. The entire meal worked out to R182!

I am so impressed by the service and the quality of food that i ended up telling all my friends about it, and now im telling you. If you want a great night out with your loved ones you can visit the lounge . 

Address: Kromboom convenience Centre cnr.Kromboom Road,Rondebosch east.
tel: 021 696 9719
cell: 082 690 5508

Thank you for Reading 
Happy dining! 

Iptishaam ♥

Guard The Vintage Pop up Party

Along with the Hey Gorgeous Brunch which I attended last week and Saturday I also made my way to the other side of Town to the Circa hotel in which Yusrah held her pop up party. Upon arrival I was greeted by Yusrah herself and her stunning grandma. 

Her living room area was converted into a mini shopping aisle with all things VINTAGE! Personally I am convinced that I belong in the 1920's (I think) as I am always attracted to anything vintage. I love how one can wear something 'modern' and add that little element of surprise, maybe a leather clutch from way back when or an over-sized floral shirt?. No matter what,  you have to love Vintage elements. 

On sale were male and female clothing as well as accessories which ranged from R80-R550 (If i remember correctly). Below are some of the pieces I particularly love, the shoes with leather patches is something I loved the moment I saw it, and it was just my luck as it was a size 4! Unfortunately I did not purchase it as I was a little indecisive about what to pair it with (kicks myself). 

all-in-all a fun and tasty experience (The cupcakes on arrival)

That's all. 

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Love vintage always 

Iptishaam Davids

Myself and Yusrah 


I Recently had the opportunity to speak to one of my good friends about this and that and for some reason or the other we ended up speaking about 'seeing opportunities'. There was a slight debate on whether getting that 'perfect job' is really just Lady Luck coming your way or is it fate knocking at your door? Or maybe, is it an opportunity that presented itself and that person just applied and went for it? 

When you are presented with a task/opportunity that you know will benefit you, like a computer course, do you grab such an opportunity? or do you sit back thinking 'Hey if it's mine, it's mine' and wait aimlessly for it to come to you while everyone else applies for it in your office?

When an opportunity arises in which you can enter a FAB competition, do you go 'Errrr,, Well, I don't wanna enter, I'll probably not win'?. While everyone says 'YES! who do i need to mail in order to win this?'

The reality of the matter is that: 1. You might fail miserably at Excell (I know this from experience) & 2. You might feel SO embarrassed because you poured your heart out to a leading magazine explaining why you should win a competition and in the end, you don't win. 

In the same breath... 1. You might be GREAT at excell and graduate at the top of your class which will look GREAT on your resume & 2. You might win that Hairstyling Iron that costs thousands! 

You see? Life can either go two ways. You win or you lose. But that is where it ends. But do not stand there and WONDER what could have been and what should have been. Take risks and be prepared to lose, and also to win. 

Take the pledge to say YES to every opportunity which presents itself and see where it takes you <3

Iptishaam Davids