Thursday, 16 May 2013


Hi everyone! So for the past few weeks i have been swamped with work, writing my thesis and all that before i journey my way through to school practicals.

In today's post I'll be doing everything leggings! 

What are leggings? 
1. Tight-fitting stretch pants.
                                                          2. Protective coverings for the legs 

You know you are committing fashion murder when:

  • YOUR LEGGINGS DOES NOT FIT : Ensure that the leggings that you are wearing actually FITS you. Be honest about your size!!
  • YOU SHOW MORE THAN YOU SHOULD: Always ensure that you are wearing something a teeny bit over your lady parts when you do wear leggings, especially leather ones! As the tightness of it can be seriously distracting to others. (The worse is when i can see a females privates right through the legging.)
  • THE LEGGINGS ARE SLIGHTLY SEE-THROUGH: One of the worse fashion mistakes which i was unfortunate to witness was seeing someone's underwear right through the leggings, hence make sure that your leggings are not worn out by updating your pair or having more than one in your closet (it's time to move on!) 
  •  WEARING LEGGINGS WHICH IS MID-CALF: THIS IS NOT FLATTERING, YOU ARE NOT 12 YEARS OLD(unless you really are, lol) in which case you will not wear it. Wearing leggings which are mid-calf, makes you look short and stumpy. The more elongated your leggings are, the better you look. 
  • LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS: This is a very common misconception made. Firstly, why do you feel the need to wear leggings as pants? That is what your PANTS are reserved for.  
  Happy legging-wearing! 

Iptishaam Davids  <3



  1. My pet peeve are see through leggings! Great post!

  2. Hi five for this post :) Agree that leggings ain't pants!

  3. I have seen it so many times. See through leggings and short tops are a no no:-)

  4. Love your blog's new header. It's super cute.
    Completely agree that leggings are not pants, I only wear leggings with long tops or tunics.

    O so inspired


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