Sunday, 26 January 2014


Hello & Happy Monday to everyone!

After brainstorming many ideas on what I should entitle this look post, I settled for 'Hola Senorita' which means 'Hello Miss' in Spanish.My reason for settling for this is because when I had a closer look at the pictures it sort of reminded me of a beautiful garden somewhere in Spain (One of the countries on my bucket list)!

Sadly, this was not taken in some pretty garden in Spain but rather at the beautiful Shelleys Goumet cafe 
by the VERY TALENTED AND MOST AMAZING photographer : Fatima Khan-Wise from memrsme (check out her blog)
She is also one of the photographers behind Chroma Creatives designs (check out their website).

I was immensely happy when Fatima agreed to take these pictures for me as most of my pictures are taken by Nur in which I have to remind a week before the time that we will be doing a look post for the following week (Laughs). 

I love the way she works. During the entire photo session I was talking about my blog to her (Laughs), and while these pics were being taken, I thought that me talking the entire time will be evident on the pics. When I received it, it didn't show at all. This does not only show her RAW talent but one can be super comfortable around her as well! 

Dress gifted BY @MrsRogero 
Shoes & hat BY Mr Price fashion
Watch BY Guess
Bag BY Zoom Accessories

I got so much love for you girl. 








Tuesday, 14 January 2014

REAL TALK : 10 random facts about me

 Hey Guys & Girls!
A few days ago Stitched was once again nominated for a Liebster Award, one for which I am so grateful for! Thank you to Nabeelah from the The Fab diary. Check her oh-so-cool blog out HERE

Nabeelah requested that the bloggers who were nominated write down 10 random facts about themselves. Honestly, I have been thinking all weekend on what to put out there as 'random' due to the fact that I consider myself to be a very basic person. (Okay,Kinda). 

Here it goes:

1.I started working from the age of 17, hence the fact that I have 5 years retail experience. 

2.The reason for me hating bananas is because when I was small I use to vomit every time I ate it.

3. My mother gave birth to me when she was 40. Making her 62!

4.In primary school I pretended to faint just to go home because I didn't want to write a math test. 

5.Shoes over handbags, Handbags over food. 

6.I'm a grade 8 English teacher.

7. My mxit name was ASIAN PERSUSION (cheezy).

8. I own one Zara Jacket which I am obsessed with.
9. If I could be a barbie doll, I'll be one of barbies' friends', the asian looking one. 

10. This year will be a very busy year for me,I've started a brand new teaching job, I'm doing my honors this year and getting married. YIKES!!! 

Wish me luck? 




Thursday, 9 January 2014


 Hey Guys & Girls! Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. While most bloggers are re-capping on the last years' happenings, Myself and Nur are stopping on the side of random roads to take pictures! 

And that's basically where the following look post begun. I entitled this look 'SIMPLE' due to the fact that that is exactly what this look is- SIMPLE. With that being said, it is also how I'd like to start off my year with look posts which embody simplicity (hopefully). 

The sweatshirt-which reminds me A LOT of Riri's style- I bought at Cotton On. The boots which you can view HERE
is an item which I can't go without. It is for this reason that I am so thankful to Cape Town for its wet weather we've been having lately. 

I have a feeling that these Utility Boot Cats and the Timberland will be on SUPER TREND for next Autumn/Winter (Well, I'm hoping it is). The rest of the look is a combination of undone hair and burgundy lips, My fav! 

What do you think about taking random pics on sides of roads? 
Have a stunning Friday and weekend <3