Thursday, 24 December 2015

Top 10 Summer Beach Essentials you shouldn't be leaving your house without!

With Summer fully on our doorstep here in Cape Town, I imagine you and your family/ friend/ boyfriend/ cat are planning a trip to the beach, and why wouldn't you? Cape Town boasts some of the best beaches in the world. 

If your beach trips are spontaneous, the way mine always is, then you could be somewhat boggled about what to take along. Here are my top 10 Summer beaching essentials: 

1. Wide Brimmed Hat 

Yes, I never leave home without one, even if it's just going to lie in the car, at least I know I have it there (laughs). It is like having a pair of flats in the boot of your car when you running in heels all day. Another reason why I particularly like the wide brimmed hat is because it protects not only ones face but your shoulders as well where the sun hits first. 

2. Bathing Costume for your figure

Your bathing costume changes over time. It is true, what suited your body type last year, won't exactly this year. I think we may have all gone through this phase- that is- not finding the suitable bathing costume for ones figure or wearing the same one year in and year out. It's worth the time going out there and selecting the perfect costume to accentuate and flatter your figure. Mine use to be two piece bikini (way back when) but I came to realize that I prefer a fuller costume with a cool detailing of some sort. 

3. Hair Care 

Oh, yes, I can't stress how important it is for me (and you) to take care of your hair this summer especially when you find yourself on the beach and you're in and out of the water. The product you select is highly dependent on the type of hair you have. I have thick wavy hair so I would need something that is a detangler and nourishing. For finer hair, perhaps something to strengthen your locks as salt water on your hair can drain it and may cause breakage. 

4. That Perfect Summer beach dress

Perhaps let me just make something clear, do not wear jeans to the beach, its tight and can be uncomfortable especially if its like 30 degrees plus! Instead opt for something light weight, medium length and possibly a light color as you don't want to look like a walking corpse on the beach. 

5. Flip Flops (always)

As above, let me make another point very clear, don't wear sandals or sneakers to the beach. If you skeptical about this statement; ever try walking on the beach with sandals and have the sand go in your shoe, forcing you to stop and remove it all together? Yep! Now that's what I'm talking about. Stick to your flops, this summer its effortless and stylish. 

6. Towel 

Let me just stress there's a difference between a towel that you use in your bathroom and one for the beach. Please invest in one. They are not expensive and comes in an array of different colors! 

7. Water

Great to keep you hydrated, if you know that you heading to the beach the following day, don't forget to freeze some water. Trust me, you'll be grateful the next day! 

8. Fruit

Nothing better than Summer fruit on the beach. Place in the fridge the night before and you're good to go. 

9. Sunscreen 

You've heard it before! Carry your SPF with you everywhere! 

10. Beach Bag 

Where are you storing everything in? Yup. A perfect sized beach bag is great to store all your goodies in. 

I'd like to know what are some of your beach essentials. Let me know in the comments section below. Oh, and all product details are below after the jump :) 



Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Summer in HNM

Hi Darlings! 

Wool Jumper- HnM  Boyfriend Jeans - Woolies Shoes - Daniella Michelle - Watch - Guess 
Accessories - Mr P Lip Color- MAC in 'whirl'

So as promised, here is the outfit post Myself and Miskaa managed to pull together round about the time when my school hosted its annual Charity for the senior citizens of the community. This shoot was taken before and I eventually arrived -slightly late- (Laughs) with all the crockery that still had to be set up. More about that day on Instagram! Follow if you aren't already! 

About this Look ... 

I'll be totally honest, I wasn't invited to the HnM launch which took place a few months back. I wasn't really phased cause I knew that everything that I needed to see was posted on Insta like from EVERYBODY. The whole do looked great and amazing and all those pretty words. I needed to have a look for myself. I then went like two weeks after it opened. 

I then scored me this lovely baby blue jumper for under R200, very light weight and can be worn especially on those summer nights next to the pool or for a late night drive to the beach (IF you do those things, I know I do!).  I also picture myself pairing it for a more formal occasion like a wedding in Autumn with a poofy skirt and killer heels and not forgetting a perfectly styled turban to capture the look nicely together

These Woolies boyfriend jeans is a great fit for me, not too tight and not too loose, just how I prefer it to be. These Daniella Michelle cork wedges were a must have when I spotted them at the Zoom Factory Outlet Store in Paarden Eiland a few months back, and goody for me they were having a sale! 

Plenty of people have been asking me about my shades. These are cheapies from Mr Price! Bought them a while back when I was very into cat eye! But then again, I don't think I'll ever leave that phase. Cat eye shades is so classy! And this pretty lip color is from MAC (obvz) in 'whirl'. It reminds me of Kylie Jenner! I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. But hey, i like the fact that it gives my lips a more fuller look . 

I hope you had a great start to your Tuesday and I'd like to know how you would pair this jumper? 

PS: expect some exciting news to be announced soon! Hint: 4Flavour Accessories. Go ahead and give them a follow! 



Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Its been a while


                   Hi Everyone! 

It's been a while since I last wrote anything related to blogging! I'm SO glad I'm finally on holiday so that I could blog MORE just because I have the time and I love it so much! You probably wondering where I've been anyway?! 

BUSY!! Especially the last few months of this year is probably the most busiest time in a teachers life. You see, I needed to prepare my learners for finals, assist them in completing any outstanding tasks, set up exam Q papers, marking over 500 scripts, moderating (this is where we check the quality and accuracy of one anothers work) and then -the best feeling of all- handing in your marks! And all of this came with a strict dead line! 

Finally, I managed to hand my report cards on time and had the pleasure of reaping the rewards of learners glowing faces when they open their report cards and realise that they were proceeding to the next grade! In that moment I am smothered with hugs and an abundance of love from the student who I thought hated me all this time (laughs). 

Then there are the unfortunate few who didn't progress to the next grade. Let's just say I had some twin savers with me and a rehersed speech about not giving up and that everyone fails and it's not the end of the world (etc,etc,etc). But Alas nobody could prepare me for the sobs and a downpour of emotions from an-already emotionally driven-Teen! 

At that moment I dazed out of my window and realized that this is probably how I will be holding my kids one day (just a random thought)! 

So think about all those things and STILL finding the time to blog!! 

And that's not even all... 

But that may be for another blog post. 

PS: expect a look post coming soon!