Thursday, 12 December 2013


Hi Everyone!

After recently starting a new temp job at a company in Black River Park, I came across plenty of people who displayed their utter hatred towards their job. I suppose that it was for this reason that I decided to write this post and ask the seemingly obvious question: why do people stay in jobs they hate? 

Note that the following points are not based on scientific research or facts but rather my own observations in the work place. 

1. Financial constraints

We live in a economy where everything is expensive. Hence,people can't 'afford' to chop and change jobs as they please. Even if they really want to, plenty of things need to be re-adjusted in their life, like kids, work, and social life.If the job that YOU are currently in pays for these obligations, you become more than happy to stay in it even though they hate it.  

2.Too Comfortable

As mentioned before, if the job pays for ones debts and obligations one is more than happy to stay in the job. In other words people become comfortable in doing what they do. They say things like, 'i love what i do' when they really DO  NOT.They are stuck in their job because perhaps its easier than doing something else. In essence, people are afraid to take the leap of fate. They become so fearful to try out something new even if it means that they will be happier. 

3. Losing sight of your dream

Remember that dream that you had in high school? the one where you wanted to be a famous soap opera star? and now you stuck in a  office working for a grumpy boss? Yes, you have loss sight of your dream and where you want to be in life, you have lost direction and allowed yourself, once again, to be comfortable. 

These are just three of the main reasons that I have managed to detect from people in the work place.


What do you think are some of the reasons people stay in jobs they hate?  

Thank you for reading 



Monday, 9 December 2013


Hey Everyone! 

This post is long over-due, it's just that every time I want to post something, something else seem to pop up like an event, or just basic trending stuff that should be posted at that specific time. 

I need to work around that hey? (laughs)

I received the exciting news that Sass Diva is re-lauching/re-branding and will be now known as ZURI.

" Zuri is the Swahili word for ‘beautiful’, and we’ve chosen it because we needed something that would resonate with the African customer and keep us relevant and on-trend in the ever-changing fashion industry.
Swahili is an African language, and our beautiful customers inspired us to name our new brand with a truly African flavour-ZURI -a beautiful word, for a beautiful continent, deserving beautiful jewellery. "

My "Sass Diva" experience started a few years ago when my friend first asked me where it was in Cavendish Mall, and of course I was like "what's that?". Her jaw basically dropped as if to say "Where have you been?!!!" 

And that's when I became addicted to the brand and everything that they have to offer. So now, I find myself popping in every time for gifts (for myself) and others. 

I think the brand re-launch only opens a door for better things to come. I am expecting stylish, trendy and quality accessories from the re-brand. 

What do you think about Sass Diva's re-brand? 


Iptishaam Davids