Monday, 16 February 2015

Review | Wet n Wild THINK PINK

Image Captured BY Capturing Concepts photography 

Hey Everyone! This is my first ever beauty review! I'm not really a beauty review kind of person but I LOVE reading them and I actually do go out and purchase and try a certain product when I really wanna try something that works. I think product reviews are a great way for the consumer to decide whether they would like to purchase a product before spending hundreds of rands. For the longest time now, I wanted to try a new lip colour like this one but a more nude shade I suppose?. I always tend to play it safe when selecting a colour. 

When I purchased this particular shade at Clicks I was so excited to get home to try it out (Yikes). And there I was, jabbing a thick amount of pale pink lipstick to my lips. To my embarrassment, I realised that the colour didn't suit me well- AT ALL. I showed my husband and he said HELL NO. The following day, when I did this particular look post, I decided to dab just a little bit on the top and bottom lip to give a slight pink. Then it started to look humanly appropriate. (Thank Goodness). 

And now I'm loving it. 

The texture is matte and easy to apply and does dry out your lips as long as you apply every two hours. Make sure you dab a small amount on both lips before you end up looking like Nicki Minaj on a bad day. 

Thank you for reading today. 

Have you tried the Wet n Wild range from Clicks ? 



Monday, 9 February 2015


Dress Shirt and Hat, MrPrice// Shoes, Fashion Express// Jeggings, Sissy Boy
Hey Everyone!  
 I trust that your work week hasn't been too hectic thus far. I started work on a few Mondays and I've met my new bunch of grade 8's. So I'm still in the memorizing of names phase (which I've become pretty good at since teaching). 

Anyway, when I got in touch with Miskaa Price from Iridescence Design I was quite thrilled when she agreed to do a few shots for the blog. The things that I look for in photographers are those who can give a good sense of direction, one who can make me feel comfortable when taking pics and especially the ones who love pictures to have that natural feel to it. Tip to new bloggers : when taking pics, relax your shoulders and do not be stiff. I think it shows on camera. Yeah, I might be pretty guilty of that too (Laughs). 


Lets talk a little about this look. When I spotted this dress at MrPrice a few months back I loved the dress but unfortunately the store didn't have my size. So I was stuck between the letting the dress 'go' emotionally and try to move on and forget about it. Sounds dramatic eh? Then to my luck when I returned last week I saw the same dress shirt (I say 'dress shirt because one can wear it either or) and scored it for a whopping R50! 

The few aspects I adore about the dress shirt is that I love this shade of orange. It gives me such a cool tanned look. The material is slightly sheer and that's why I opted to pair it with my old faithful white Sissy Boy jeggings. What is more eye catching about this shirt dress are the sleeves. I've always loved poofy sleeves but not those huge ugly ones, but the soft delicate ones that can add just enough 'oomph' to an outfit. I love the fact that I feel so 'girly' in this item. The shoes are so so comfortable and versatile and I scored them for under R200 at Fashion Express. 

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Have you scored any great purchases lately? I'd love to hear, so drop me a comment below. 

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Prelude

Skirt, Top, Moustache Ring, Sunnies Mr Price // Bag YDE // Shoes DC // Lips Think Pink By Wet n Wild // Make a wish necklace by The Ramp online store 

Hi everyone! finally back at work and back to blogging! Oh, and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. 

The year 2014 has honestly been the toughest and often the most academically exhausting year as well as an emotional roller coaster. 2014 has seen me graduate and become a qualified high school teacher and pursue my honours in Educational Psychology. There were times when I used to give up internally and just end up crying because studying and working at the same time used to be really really difficult. When I look back, it is all worth it. 

On the flip side, 2014 couldn't have ended on a more beautiful note: I tied the knot with someone who makes me extraordinary happy by just being in the same room as me. (wink!) 

Now 2015 is here, and those are memories that I shall treasure but I have this huge urge to want to expand. So this look post is a prelude (hence the title) to that urge.  So from here on you can expect things to be a little more- for a lack of a better term- 'professional looking'. 
  In case you haven't noticed: this page looks slightly different doesn't it? 

YUP! that's me starting fresh. 

In the year 2015 I hope to grow as a unique individual, work harder at building a visually appealing blog as well a blog with great content. I hope to make time to look after myself (changed my hair a little) and my body and be accountable for the way it looks at the end of the day. I also aim to be the best that I can be to my husband as well as my family. On a business note, I recently sold beautiful kimonos on the side, this was just to spread my creative juices and they turned out to be a KILLER success (algamdulielah)! 
It is for this reason that I am looking in the direction of selling them again, perhaps in different styles, prints and textures so that it can appeal to everyone. 

This look was taken by the Amazing couple behind Capturing Concepts Photography. I love working with photographers especially Rasheeqoh and Abdul-Wahab. While Rasheeqoh was  taming my hair from the wind, Abdul was busy rolling on the grass depicting how I should lie to get 'the perfect pic'. Amazingly creative and super friendly, this is definitely a couple you would enjoy working with. You can Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Instagram .  

What would you like to see more of on the blog?