Monday, 9 February 2015


Dress Shirt and Hat, MrPrice// Shoes, Fashion Express// Jeggings, Sissy Boy
Hey Everyone!  
 I trust that your work week hasn't been too hectic thus far. I started work on a few Mondays and I've met my new bunch of grade 8's. So I'm still in the memorizing of names phase (which I've become pretty good at since teaching). 

Anyway, when I got in touch with Miskaa Price from Iridescence Design I was quite thrilled when she agreed to do a few shots for the blog. The things that I look for in photographers are those who can give a good sense of direction, one who can make me feel comfortable when taking pics and especially the ones who love pictures to have that natural feel to it. Tip to new bloggers : when taking pics, relax your shoulders and do not be stiff. I think it shows on camera. Yeah, I might be pretty guilty of that too (Laughs). 


Lets talk a little about this look. When I spotted this dress at MrPrice a few months back I loved the dress but unfortunately the store didn't have my size. So I was stuck between the letting the dress 'go' emotionally and try to move on and forget about it. Sounds dramatic eh? Then to my luck when I returned last week I saw the same dress shirt (I say 'dress shirt because one can wear it either or) and scored it for a whopping R50! 

The few aspects I adore about the dress shirt is that I love this shade of orange. It gives me such a cool tanned look. The material is slightly sheer and that's why I opted to pair it with my old faithful white Sissy Boy jeggings. What is more eye catching about this shirt dress are the sleeves. I've always loved poofy sleeves but not those huge ugly ones, but the soft delicate ones that can add just enough 'oomph' to an outfit. I love the fact that I feel so 'girly' in this item. The shoes are so so comfortable and versatile and I scored them for under R200 at Fashion Express. 

Want your images to be captured By Iridescence Design? Follow them on Instagram or Email for quotes and packages. 

Have you scored any great purchases lately? I'd love to hear, so drop me a comment below. 

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