Sunday, 31 August 2014


I can't even remember the last time I actually sat down and blogged. Some of the reasons include: hectic days at school which completely tires me out, marking endlessly until the early hours of the morning, and with the last bit of energy I actually have left, I use to study and read books for my own assignments. Here and there I'll try to squeeze in an Instagram post or two. Needless to say, blogging has been LAST on my list of things-to-do, which made me reconsider whether or not I still want to blog? Here are five reasons why I decided to continue: 

1. I am no side-line chick  

I am not one to watch from the side lines while others are having a great time at events, launch parties and all that jazz. I love getting involved and being part of the action. 

2. Passion

I realized that even though there wasn't enough time to blog, I still maintained that passion for the things I love the most. While driving to campus, I would think of ideas that I would want to put on the blog. In fact, putting them on the blog was about the only problem, but my passion was still there though. 

3. Creative space

Blogging can be seen as my creative space in which I can just rant,vent and complain about things. Also, it has become a space where I discuss trends, fashion, beauty and lifestyle stuff. It is truly my creative outlet where I can just 'let go' of the week/months build up of creative juices. Blogging also lets me keep my sanity through everything happening around me.

4. My "fans"

This might sound vain, but I do it for the people who enjoy my posts. Sure, I might not have thousands of followers but I am grateful for the ones I do have. 

5. Future PR and Marketing princess

If I didn't go into teaching I would've gone into PR. I suppose I went into teaching because it provides you with long term benefits and teaching is my other love and passion. I can say the same for PR, I definitely 'see' myself in the PR environment. I started this blog as a basis of my portfolio for meeting new people and showcasing my creative energy. It is because of this that I didn't give up blogging. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my post! 



Saturday, 9 August 2014

LAUNCH | Love.Milo Botanical Collection Launch

Hi Everyone! I hope the month of August started out great for you as it did for me : I am really starting to enjoy teaching more than I had when I started which is great news for me!

In addition, last week and Thursday I was invited to attend the launch of Love.Milo which took place at the Nap Store in Cape Quarter. The botanical theme struck myself and Nur upon arrival with flower petals accompanying the steps we climbed to meet Lee-Anne and Carey (of whom I was so excited to meet). I then recognized a few familiar blogging faces and some I didn't (Laughs) You know how it is at these events!? 

What is Love Milo? 

Love.Milo was founded by Nicki Ellis in January 2013, love milo is a Cape Town based 
design brand boasting an array of contemporary ceramics, wood pieces, fabric creations and tealight lanterns. Specialising in intricate home ware and d├ęcor products, Nicki is passionately dedicated to the use of sustainable materials sourced within South Africa.

Nicki Ellis, founder of  Love Milo
This event was unlike the ones I usually get invited to which- I would say- is more fashion based. I've always been a huge fan of home ware and decor and find myself constantly updating my home with unique and fresh concepts. Therefore it's quite fitting for me to be attending this kind of event which inspired me in terms of what is trending in home and decor.

Lee-Anne from Girl About Town PR & Communication, Oh and I have no idea why I am smiling like this! 
View the awesome products and shopping info after the jump! 

Thank you for reading today!