Monday, 31 August 2015


Happy Woman's Month (a lil late, I know). For this month, myself and Bride to be have something special for you ladies who are tying the knot and for those of you who are preparing for the big day! 

For those who were EVER involved in planning a wedding dress you'll know that it's more difficult committing to a wedding color than it is to a man. (Laughs)

Today's blog post is a little different because I get to talk to you a little about a bridal company called 'Bride-to-be.' 
Bride To Be is run by Tashreeqah Sadien and her team whose aims are to make your dream wedding gown a reality! New on the scene but ready to design every little detail of your dream wedding dress and make it that extra special. 

Below is a little Q & A session with Tashreeqah. 

What inspired you to start a bridal business? 

 I got inspired to start this venture with the hope of delighting every bride with her dream wedding gown, to add magic to it and elegance. All ladies dream of their wedding day since we were tiny in the hope of having that perfect wedding gown.  

Describe your bridal consultation session.

My team and I aim at making our brides dream wedding gown a reality. We aim to meet her every fancy for her dress and to make her feel special throughout her consultation with us. Our consultation is free as we take our time to listen to our bride’s requirements to ensure we have all the details to finalize her gown

What is the process in designing your clients dream wedding gown? 

We produce gowns from reference images that the bride can provide us and promise a 95% similarity to the reference image. We also have up to 150 of our own designs our bride can choose from.   

What is your vision for Bride to be?

I have a huge vision for Bride to Be, from launching a jewellery line to underwear and bedding.  Everything a woman wants and needs to start the beginning of her new chapter in her life.  We are having a lot of fun!
What do you have in store for the future? 

We started with producing the wedding gown and I am happy to say we have taken the flower girl on board as well.  We want to reach a point where we do the entire group.

Interested? Get in touch . . .

Twitter , @Bridetobe_sa

Instagram , @Bride_to_be_sa

FaceBook , Bride To Be - South Africa 

Check out more bridal designs from Bride to Be after the jump!