Monday, 11 July 2016


I've always thought of my style as trend-driven, although relaxed with a little bit of classiness attached to it. Truthfully, I often forget about the classics amidst the sea of trends we, at times drown in. So when the cool folk from Daniel Wellington got in touch with me to sport One of their classics, I was more than happy to get back to my roots!  

 About the brand 
Daniel Wellington, a British gentleman founded by Filip Tysander  
  was particularly fond of wearing timeless watches (excuse the pun).  His watches can be described as minimalist and refined with a classic design. The classic design though can be changed up by the use of interchangeable straps found on their website . The absolute classic, the NATO strap inspired by the British Navy in the 70's and the classic genuine leather strap watch is there to suit your mood and any occasion . Whether it is heading out to a fancy black tie event, playing a game of tennis or enjoying the day at the beach club. The hardest decision that you'll have to make is deciding which strap to wear (I know I am)! 

Kudos to the team for creating such a  user friendly the website . I really like things that are easy, especially when one is so busy! And I think you'll love it too. Although it may be tough deciding on exactly which watch to settle on. Do give them a Follow on their Instagram account, I love how visually appealing it is.

To make your shopping experience a lot more pleasant, we're offering a 15%  discount on any of their watches using the code STITCHEDDW at checkout! Cool hey? Happy Shopping! Once bought, do tag us so we can Repost your newly purchased classic on our social media. 

About this look 

When I received the Dapper Durham 35mm watch on my desk I knew it was the ultimate classic watch!It was only fitting that I would automatically peruse through my closet   searching for the perfect classic pieces to style it with.It didn't take me long,  keeping in  mind that my classics referred to tailored pants, classic buttoned shirts and a refined blazer which I only have but a few of. 

I like the different textures of this outfit. My pants, a kind of Georgette fabric paired with the classic collard shirt and the silk like texture of the blazer all lends itself well with what I considered to be the ultimate classics. You're probably thinking, Aha! Again those shoes. FYI these are not my Zoom ones as worn here! but I love how a pointy heel just elongates ones legs. I purchased these a while back! They may still have the tan ones online

Loving my pictures lately? You might have noticed that I am working quite a bit with Capturing Concepts Photography to bring you these really cool images (even if I have to say it myself). Go ahead and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram .

 They are running such a cool special on their packages. So go ahead and take full advantage! 

Scarf/HnM, Cotton Shirt/Fashion Express,Pants/ Vintage, Shoes & Fringe Bangle/ Mr Price, Necklace/ La Belle, Rose Gold sling bag/ 4flavour YDE




Until next time! 


Monday, 4 July 2016


Photo By Capturing Concepts Photography
I've received such a positive response from everyone on my previous look (here!). Judging from so many emails I've received, I found that dressing modestly is in fact s struggle for those wanting to go that route. So I'm glad when I received an email from one of my readers saying that she found the tips given quite helpful. (You welcome!)

Life of a blogger is never easy when you constantly have to think of something fresh and relevant so that your content can appeal to audiences alike. My source of inspiration are often than not, things happening in society, international Fashion Bloggers and also my personal 'struggles'. Being on a three week holiday from work, allows me to cram! I am cramming all my content into these 3 weeks in the hopes of having content for the next few months! 

I often get asked about blogging and mostly where I get the time to do it in the midst of being a 21st century teacher. Here is some idea of the behind-the-scenes drama that unfolds. We have all been given 24 hours in a day to reach our full potential. Make the most of your 24 hours.
1. Firstly, you have to schedule an appointment with the photographer (use someone who captures your style perfectly and who you are comfortable with).  
2. Select a great outfit.
3. Choose a location to suit the outfit and then obviously write a blog post about it. 
4. Select your pictures carefully by making sure you're happy with what you're going to put out there then write and EDIT your post. 
5. Having your audience know about it by publishing it on all SM networks by using a teaser shot! 
It's a little easier after that and you can decide to post Throw backs using some of the pictures you have never used to write life related posts or even to run a competition! You'll have PLENTY of unused images after a shoot! 
Go ahead and start planning your next outfit in the hopes that everything is still relevant. Through its madness (at times). It's all worth it 'cause it helps me inspire those who need a little push. And I'd like to think that this is why I blog. 

About this look... 

In case you haven't noticed: this is the same outfit, although a little more casual and laid back, as worn here. You know that I love showing you ladies various ways to pull off the seemingly classic look. You'll see that by changing a few details of your outfit, you can create a completely different lookie! 

My love for brogues is eternal. I love them in heels, flats and tasseled! I adore the relax ending it gives to an outfit. Speaking about Tassels, these Tasseled earrings are said to look like parts of a curtain (according to Nur) but I pretty much like the playful nature it gives to the outfit. The scarf and hat combo is just something I thought I'll give a shot and screams high fashion! 

Hat, shoes & shirt/Mr Price, Pants/ Woolworths, Necklace & ring /4flavour YDE, Scarf/ HnM, Watch & Bag/Guess 

Keep a look out for my Eid look coming soon! Yay! 

More on this outfit after the jump! 



Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Photo By Capturing Concepts Photography
Modesty for me may not be the same as what it is for everyone else. For some, it may be something more internal and emotional like lowering ones voice when speaking, humbling oneself in front of others. For others, a more external and physical picture comes to mind: wearing over sized clothing, avoiding unnecessary prowling eyes;  basically covering your butt. 

To me, I am naturally extroverted (being a teacher and all) so in some respects the idea of emotional modesty doesn't come easily for me 'cause I constantly have to raise my voice in class and sometimes I present that to the world as well. In fact, Nur has to constantly remind me that I am not at school and that I need to remove my teacher hat! (laughs). 

So while I'm trying my darnest to work on my inner modesty, surprisingly, it seems that my outta modesty comes a little more easily. Some may comment that often dressing modestly may be boring and often mundane. I am here to dispute by saying "ABSOLUTELY NOT"!. One thing I love about dressing modestly, is that it does not imply wearing a head scarf the way I did here. You can do hats or even style your scarf into a Turban style which is usually my go-to style of late!

Here are Some of my tips for shopping modest wear: 

Whenever I shop around for clothing like basic shirts and dresses (dresses I tend to make it Bohemian), I purchase it slightly over-sized, with the exception of jeans and shoes of course. If I feel that jeans are too tight for me and I need to make my outfit a little more modest-y, I'll opt for a pants like this one. But if you are a more jeans Kind of Girl, you can totally wear this Shirt with a light colored jeans or Indigo if that floats your boat! 

When I say purchase slightly over-sized, I don't mean granny or to make you look like you wearing fat Amy's clothing, but rather to the point where you are still looking reasonably presentable. If you struggling to trudge the line between Fat Amy and Granny, take a trusted friend along to help you with this. Usually a sales consultants' opinion will also help you cross that river!

About this look...

Much of this look has been inspired by one of my favorite modest Fashion Bloggers, Saufeeya, from 

 I wanted to show you ladies how you can take seemingly loose fitted pants and shirt without looking like you are drowning in your clothing! I find that cuffed pants is key to achieving this look. In addition, making sure that my shirt is mid-length (depending on your height) also gives a great variation. Also, because I know it's still a little bit chilly, pairing this coat from Maya Maya just gives me life! In fact, I've decided to pair this with my Eid outfit InshA-Allah! 

On a final note, don't be afraid to shop around; that is heading into thrift stores and rummaging through the sale section. Sometimes expensive designer wear can make you look tacky and takes a toll on your pocket. 

Cuffed Pants/ Woolworths, Mid-Length white shirt / Mr Price, Grey Strappy Pointed heels / Zoom , Bag & Watch / Guess , Fringe Scarf in LOLA/ the Scarf company.

About my photographer...

Capturing Concepts will be having a Crazy Winter special!

Book a family, couples, pre-wedding/engagement, kids or an individual shoot and get a 20% discount. One Hour location based shoot in and around Cape Town (25km-30km) radius or even a studio set up at your home. You can have unlimited amount of looks and outfits with an unlimited amount of people. Limited to one Hour and a MAX of 30 edited High Def images supplied on a DVD disc for ONLY R280. 

Contact Abdul/ Rasheeqoh on 082 9920 703/4. 


Happy Shopping and be a doll and let me know what you thought of this outfit on my SM platforms or below!  



Monday, 6 June 2016

Essence 'Keep it Perfect' make-up fixing spray Review

Photo Credit: Stitchedtheblog
Essence SA was so cool to send me through an awesome make-up package that I cannot wait to blog about over here. Although I did do a little sneak peak of what was in the package a few days ago on my snap! Don't follow me yet? You can do so by typing in the handle IptixCT. 

When they sent me a press release on what was NEW on the market;their make-up fixing spray was something that screamed TRY ME. I was pretty eager to try, seeing that it was spanking new and also because I literally only used two other brands before and was looking for some others. Read more for 4 things I love about this product.

4 things I love about this product . . .

1.  Lasts for more than 10 hours with a refreshing effect. Tried and tested guys. 

2. So compact. The 50ml fixing spray was able to fit in my already-full make-up bag which is a total winner.

3. This product is not tested on animals.(yay!)

4.  It is fragrance free and does not weigh your make-up down as it has a light 

transparent formula.The fixing spray lies on the make-up like a protective layer and ensures 

a long-lasting finish.

Available at Clicks stores for R57.95

Do follow them below ... 







Thursday, 5 May 2016


Recently I was looking at myself in the mirror and I just felt a surge of frustration when I sat and analyzed my skin. Needless to say, the overall picture didn't look very pretty: Talk about large pores, break outs on the my chin,  an oily T-zone area and a uneven skin tone! 'Damn,' I thought. What the heck is going on with my skin? I know I always had these issues but lately it felt just all too much and completely over-whelmed me and pretty much knocked my self-esteem !

This wasn't new to me though. I've seen this a thousand times before. Mostly in my teenage years. There were many times that I didn't even want to head out the door, call it normal teenage insecurities but it really got me down. I remember the feeling after my and Nur's road trip. That familiar feeling of despair and total embarrassment similar to what I felt when I was a teenager suffering from mild acne. 

Later, I sort of became obsessed with skin. So much so, that whenever I would meet someone new. Their skin would be the first thing I'd analyze: Particulaly at how flawless it looked. So much so that I'll find a way to adroitly make SKIN CARE a topic. I think I did this to maybe stop their eyes from wandering over my large pores and also to make them aware that   " yeah I have bad skin" so let me just put it out there in case you wondering if I know Kinda feeling . But mostly, I'd want to know what their secret was to amazing skin. I mean, what were they doing that I wasn't??
To clear the air:I don't have ACNE acne but I do have a TON of imperfections that seems better when it's covered with expensive pore clogging make-up. I guess it became so bad that I just couldn't leave home without piling on the make up. And on every other occasion I noticed it was getting more and more thicker and even THIS I did not like! Critics would say that I am being too hard on myself (maybe I am) but I am a really observant person and I know when to admit when I am wrong or when something calls for some reflection time.

 I'd always joke to Nur and Friends -' time to put my face on.' But I became a little worried when make up became my face. I mean sure, I've heard it before, that 'make-up should enhance your beauty and not become it.' Being a blogger and at times in the spot light I feel as if it was so important for me to have perfect skin the way others do. And to fit the blogger norm of 'perfect skin'. I later did some more reflections and noted that bloggers are actually real people who were going through normal things.

 I turned to rant about my story on the ONE platform where stories are widely watched by a large audience - Snap Chat! I love Snap, not only because your story gets deleted after a few hours but also you get to see the people behind their blogging persona's. And that's what I did. I needed people to see what I was really going through with regards to my skin. And although some would admit that social media is never a good place to divulge ones feelings, I felt that it was the perfect forum. So much so, that the love, support and advice I got from you who follow me on Snap have reached out and given me awesome advice and most importantly hope that I am not alone in this! Thank you!

As for blogging and my look posts, It's all make-up guys and really good editing and photography.Zeenat and Miskaa edit my pictures and I always ensure- before posting that my skin looks dewy and flawless- when beneath its actually suffering.  I love make up but when it begins to take hold of me and my ultimate beauty or the ability to look beautiful naturally then I have to take another step.And that's what I hope to do from now on wards. In the hopes that I can inspire those young girls who are often left feeling frustrated after looking in the mirror. You're not alone. 

Until next time! 



Thursday, 21 April 2016

5 Cozy Autumn Outfits which will make you swoon

So the internet is filled with Autumn inspiration and I am happy to say that I am going to fill that blob of cyber space. Most of the items shown below don't really fulfill any 'trend'... To me, clothing and the key to having great style should be about setting your own trends and I hope that you see that in my outfits as much I think I portray that about myself. Most of what is below is how I tend to feel on that day and I suppose most of what was selected was , let's say, mood-dependent. 

Sometimes you'll find me in a jeans and sneaks and other times in A-line dresses and a great pair of heels. Even to school (which is my full time job-FYI)  I usually tone it down a little by dressing more modestly. That would mean making sure that my butt is covered cause , well, I teach growing adolescents! 

Peruse through these looks and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear whether you think I should continue. Comment below to let me know. 




Friday, 15 April 2016



Today's post won't be long but will involve a bit of randomness and more of this outfit. 
Random . . .
 After talking to my class about how they shouldn't be afraid to compliment one another one of my learners said something so profound. She mentioned that she doesn't understand why girls hate on other girls and that she believes that girls should support one another. Of course, I nodded in agreement. 

Later, I realized how really cool it was that a 14 year old girl thought this and the next day I called her one side and expressed how proud I was that she held this stance about women in general. I just think it's so awesome and hope that someday all women can uplift one another  instead of pushing one another down (especially since social media makes it so easy) Just a Random thought! 

About this look . . . 

This look was literally 'thrown together' as captured through the lens of the gorgeous and oh so talented Zeenat from Pursuing Pictorialism  I'm not one for trends but I like taking current trends and making them my own. I suppose that is what makes Stitched The Blog right? 

Although the blanket cape (with fringes, and all!) trend has always been my fav along with  the bohemian. I feel when the two are gelled together, its hard to make a mistake! The blanket cape from Cotton On which I purchased two years ago is still one of my essentials which I turn to for those Autumn days and of course is perfect to wear over jeggings as I've worn it here. The black straw hat- sent to me by the cool folk from 4Flavour -
 literally completes my look and is like the 'Stamp of approval' to confirm that this look, is in fact, Coachella-Bohemian. Which makes me super happy! And of course, not forgetting this gigantic over-sized scarf, I swear, it can wrap around my neck about five times (laughs). Last and certainly not least The lace up heels is the perfect ending to this Autumn inspired outfit. Don't you think? 

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below or on any of my SM platforms. They make my day! 





Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Stitched The Blog & Essence Beauty Giveaway

THANK goodness for a four day week right? I'm sure you spent it with those who make you super happy! I know I am because Stitched The Blog hit over a 1000 followers on its Social Media platforms. To celebrate, Essence Cosmetics and Stitched The Blog have collaborated to make your week even better. Stand a chance to WIN a beauty hamper containing 12 gorgeous beauty products to make you swooon... Below is what you need to do to WIN!  


Step 1: Like Stitched The Blog & Essence South Africa on Face book. 

Step 2: Tag five friends.

Step 3: Share the competition on your time line.  

Step 4: Comment on Stitched The Blog Face Book page saying you've done so.. 

That easy right? 

For extra brownie points follow us on Instagram or Subscribe to my blog on your right by typing your email.....





winner announced Monday,4th March 2016.
Competition only open to SA citizens. 

Monday, 28 March 2016

A dazzling Diesel night

LIFE has a tendency to get so hectic and plans often fall through the mat if you not completely focused. Much how I was about a week ago. I was invited to the ultra cool #DieselWatefront event, and of course I was pretty excited until I realized that my long-awaited holiday and the event was scheduled in the same week! 

In anyway, I had to think fast and I couldn't let this go by without it being covered. I was so relieved when Megan Jonkers, one of Stitched The Blogs readers, agreed to be the correspondent for the event. 

Thank you sweety! 

Below is Megans impression of what she thought about the store opening. 

PS: Another FAB comp coming soon. 



"Hello Stitched the blog readers 

 I attended the Diesel Store launch on behalf of Iptishaam for the blog.
When I saw her post on facebook about looking for an event correspondent, i immediately emailed her without thinking twice. I was so happy when she emailed back saying that I could attend the launch of the Diesel store at the V&A Waterfront on Wednesday, 23 March 2016.I love attending events and always have FOMO when I see event photo’s all over social media.
 The red carpet was rolled out in front of the store and I was greeted by welcome drinks. It was a relaxed welcome because I got there early and didn’t have to squeeze in between crowds trying to move around (which became the case later on). 

‘Stunning’ was the word that popped into my head once I entered the store, it’s not a big space but the flow of the store was well planned and it was displayed beautifully. The clothes and accessories were simply breath-taking. I was drawn to the leather jackets and jeans in the store. There was a huge variety of stunning jeans; I seriously wish that the jeans display was my personal jeans closet. I also loved the peak caps, jackets and back packs they had in store. Everything is super expensive though and prices from my favourite items ranged from R2599.00- R10 999.00. If you want to add an item from the Diesel store you better save up. Of course, it’s also fun to pop in for some fashion inspiration." 

All images credited to Melissa Bolton.