Monday, 29 September 2014

LIFESTYLE | 23, Twenty-three

Photo Credit: Fatima Khan-Wise

A few days ago I turned 23. Twenty three sounds like a "big girls" age. So let me do a "big girls" thing and say what I've leaned about life thus far. 

1. Your moms ALWAYS right (about guys,clothing, anything!) 

2. Never be afraid of hard work. 

3 . Love whole-heartedly 

4. Stay away from jealous people. They're only there to make your life more difficult.  

5. Show kindness to everyone. It's true, it comes back to you. 

6. Not everyone can be your friend. 

7. Think before you speak, stop acting like an ass and know that words HURT. 

8. Give hugs, show affection. Show you care. 

9. Go for your dreams and goals but not at the expense of walking over others. 

10. Always do things with class. 

11. I know how to push-start my car after MANY "push-starting" moments. 

12. Accept things that you cannot change. 

13. Stand up for yourself, if someone is being rude towards you, show that you're a woman of integrity. 

14. Always WANT to learn new things, read books, watch the animal planet. (There is a life more exciting than sitting on twitter all day long.)

15. Loving is not easy. But do so anyway. Receiving that love back is so worthwhile. 

16. When you see your loved ones after a very long time, hug them and tell them you really glad they're there. I mean, life is so short. 

17. You get nasty bloggers.  

18. Demand respect and give it.

19. As a teacher, I've learned that all children need is for you to show them respect and love and they'll return it. 

20. My dad has so much wisdom.

21. Sometimes its best to walk away from a situation. You're not defeated, you just bigger than that drama. 

22. Often what comes out of people's mouths is a reflection of whats in their hearts. 

23. A dry eye is an indication of a hard heart. Cry. It's okay. You are not weak. 

What are some of the things you've learned about life? I would love to hear. 

Thank you for reading today! 



Saturday, 20 September 2014


Last week sometime I got invited to the Forever 21 event and received a R 1000 shopping voucher! (Lucky me).  The Kimono is just one of the items I bought and is definitely on my list as one of my Summer must-haves. 

What I LOVE about this Kimono is that it's a light weight fabric with a longer back and layered front. Also, the Aztec like print gives your entire outfit a perfect Bohemian (link!) twist.  

Needless to say I cannot wait to wear it on scorching hot summer nights over flowing dresses and fitted jeans. 

This look post was taken after an interview with AnNur. Myself and Fatima wanted to do a look post for the longest time now and we decided that seeing that I am "dressed" up, why not take a few pics with her super cool camera. Honestly, it was tough selecting the pics for the blog 'cos all of them are SO cool.

PS: Check this look out on AN-NUR in November sometime which airs every Saturday morning at 11 AM. 


Kimono|Forever 21
Canary yellow blouse| Milla By YDE
Shoes| Foschini 
Boyfriend Jeans,Ring| Woolworths
Scarf| China Town 

A huge shukran to my girl Fatima Khan-Wise for taking these stunning pics! 



Tuesday, 2 September 2014

LOOK POST | The Basics

Hi guys and girls! Happy Spring!
After endless begging, my niece
agreed to snap a few shots of me in this outfit I wore to class at uni on Saturday.

Of course, I didn't wear these killer boots to class because anyone whose anyone knows that one does NOT wear heels to campus! Especially not to UWC and if you want to survive the day. All the other pieces of my outfit is what I ACTUALLY wore. Laughs.

These are my must haves for winter transition to spring:

1. The black leather/pleather biker jacket

2. Great fitted denim jeans

3. A winter hat which shapes your face well

4. Great boots, rider,heels or wedge boots are a must!

5. And of course, a brilliant lip colour!

PS: By the number of pics taken, I am sure you can tell how much I've missed blogging! 

Outfit details

Jeans, shoes, hat & jacket | Mr Price 

Taupe top | Milla for YDE 

Watch | Guess 

Ring & earings | Rebel funk 

Lip color | Revlon scarlet flame

Thank you for reading today!