Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cover shoot_KiKiCoCo photography

Hello Everybody! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and May everyone have a blessed week ahead.
In last week i teamed up with KiKiCoCo photography and did a great photoshoot with her. She is such a talented photographer and shows excellent direction! She has a wonderful technique that she uses to 'hide' your 'flaws'.Hehe. 

This is what KiKi thought would be a great outfit to wear! I could not agree more..Note: see how i am strutting the burgundy lip in this shoot!

What i wore :
Long striped maxi dress BY Miss Port
Shoes BY Lee Cooper
Fringe bag BY Mr Price 

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Thank you for reading 

Iptishaam Davids <3

Friday, 26 April 2013

The deans Merit list

My academic milestone 

As many would know who follow me on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and instagram will know that on tuesday i celebrated being on the deans list along with my parents and a few of my closest colleagues.

a big deal

This is obviously a HUGE achievement for me because out of 210 students who studies B.ed 4th year, only the top 18 managed to get onto the deans merit list. I remember in my first year i would only DREAM of getting onto this prestigious list! And now in 2013 i finally did it!

I went on wild with excitement when the invitation reached my mail box. At the same time i wondered who else might have gotten it. I remember telling my mom, i really hope my best friend, haylene, got it because we worked equally as hard. Surely, what i wish for myself, i wish for her as well. This entire experience humbled me as a human being and also pushed me to strive to be on the deans merit list again next year.

from here...

On tuesday evening one of my lecturers asked myself and haylene, which sacrifices did we have to make to get onto this list. I said 'always make sure that you have agood partner to work with when you do assignments and Haylene said 'Pray' . Being from diffeent faiths i had no choice but to agree with her. Pray is so important when you are studying or undertaking something huge in your life.

a final note..

May there be many many more milestones in our path inshallah (God willing). I would like to thank my parents, family, in laws and my fiance. All of you have been so accomadating to my studies! May the almighty bless you with all that is good!

Thank you for reading ! 
Iptishaam Davids ♥

What i decided to wear for the event :

Jumpsuit - Traffic clothing  (Thanks!)

Black Jacket - Zara Basic

Shoes - Rage footwear

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


The cardigan is a piece of garment which everyone is in some way blessed to have in their closet. If you do not own one, you should get yourself one as it is a great piece of clothing to invest in. 

I feel that it is a great way to cover up when it is not too hot and not too cold. Perfect for South African weather. Cardigans ranges from little short ones which looks great with summer dresses and longer ones for autumn! All-in-all its a great investment piece. 

Check out the pics after the jump<3