Thursday, 12 December 2013


Hi Everyone!

After recently starting a new temp job at a company in Black River Park, I came across plenty of people who displayed their utter hatred towards their job. I suppose that it was for this reason that I decided to write this post and ask the seemingly obvious question: why do people stay in jobs they hate? 

Note that the following points are not based on scientific research or facts but rather my own observations in the work place. 

1. Financial constraints

We live in a economy where everything is expensive. Hence,people can't 'afford' to chop and change jobs as they please. Even if they really want to, plenty of things need to be re-adjusted in their life, like kids, work, and social life.If the job that YOU are currently in pays for these obligations, you become more than happy to stay in it even though they hate it.  

2.Too Comfortable

As mentioned before, if the job pays for ones debts and obligations one is more than happy to stay in the job. In other words people become comfortable in doing what they do. They say things like, 'i love what i do' when they really DO  NOT.They are stuck in their job because perhaps its easier than doing something else. In essence, people are afraid to take the leap of fate. They become so fearful to try out something new even if it means that they will be happier. 

3. Losing sight of your dream

Remember that dream that you had in high school? the one where you wanted to be a famous soap opera star? and now you stuck in a  office working for a grumpy boss? Yes, you have loss sight of your dream and where you want to be in life, you have lost direction and allowed yourself, once again, to be comfortable. 

These are just three of the main reasons that I have managed to detect from people in the work place.


What do you think are some of the reasons people stay in jobs they hate?  

Thank you for reading 



Monday, 9 December 2013


Hey Everyone! 

This post is long over-due, it's just that every time I want to post something, something else seem to pop up like an event, or just basic trending stuff that should be posted at that specific time. 

I need to work around that hey? (laughs)

I received the exciting news that Sass Diva is re-lauching/re-branding and will be now known as ZURI.

" Zuri is the Swahili word for ‘beautiful’, and we’ve chosen it because we needed something that would resonate with the African customer and keep us relevant and on-trend in the ever-changing fashion industry.
Swahili is an African language, and our beautiful customers inspired us to name our new brand with a truly African flavour-ZURI -a beautiful word, for a beautiful continent, deserving beautiful jewellery. "

My "Sass Diva" experience started a few years ago when my friend first asked me where it was in Cavendish Mall, and of course I was like "what's that?". Her jaw basically dropped as if to say "Where have you been?!!!" 

And that's when I became addicted to the brand and everything that they have to offer. So now, I find myself popping in every time for gifts (for myself) and others. 

I think the brand re-launch only opens a door for better things to come. I am expecting stylish, trendy and quality accessories from the re-brand. 

What do you think about Sass Diva's re-brand? 


Iptishaam Davids


Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I remember unpacking these babies a few months back in store when they had first arrived . I have to admit that working in retail gives me a good idea of what's 'in' for this season  and what will soon 'fade' in a ball of fashion cyberspace later.

Like remember that Neon polka dot jeans that you thought was so COOL last summer?


The first time I encountered the Monowedge it reminded me of that one item in your wardrobe that you wore once and regret you bought it a few months later down the line when the 14 day return policy has expired. Yes, I know, you could kick yourself in the face, hard. 

It might sound like I am on a rant here, but the Monowedge kind of remind me of people who cannot walk in heels (SORRY) or who finds it difficult.Not to worry, the Gods of fashion has created something that is not too high and not too low to walk in. Yeah sure, it is comfortable and you can run for the bus while its still on your feet without tripping, but my point is, is it here to stay?

I love trends and I think it is a fun way to play around and let your inner creative flourish, but then again I also want something that is geared up and here to stay. Could the same thing be said for Monowedge?

Hmm, do I see this trend as the new year begins? Yeah sure, for a few months. Then it will fade and you will kick yourself (again). 

The point I am trying to make is, when you purchase something, you need to ask yourself, will I and can I wear this again?  Regardless of trends and what's 'in' at the moment, will you be able and find ways to incorporate something like the Monowedge into your outfit again a few months down the line when it is no longer being unpacked by critical shop assistants (like me) ? 





photo credit: Mr Price online

Sunday, 24 November 2013


  HEY Stitched Readers! Le Blog was once again nominated for the Liebster award!Fatima- the blogger behind memrsme blog nominated me!

I enjoyed answering the questions! It allowed me to reflect a little on who I am and those sort of things. 

'Nuff said, Here we go:

1. What do you love about blogging?

Blogging has become a outlet for me to express my creativity. I love the fact that when I post something, my readers respond so well and positively to my thoughts. I also love attending launches and being the first to know what trend/s are going to be in next season and not forgetting, the perks of being a blogger are those amazing goody bags we receive.

2. What is your opinion about Hijab and Modest wear?

I absolutley love LOVE modest wear, although truth be told, I sometimes find it difficult to dress modestly. But when I do, I feel great. Covered but perfect. One day I hope to have a blog solely based on a modern Hijaabi. (Inshallah,God willing).

3. What is your favourite fashion trend of this year?

For this year, I LOVED the tribal and aztec prints that are available in stores, even in its minimal portions. Anything with a touch of print is something you will see me wear. For shoes i Love the heeled sandal which shows the sexiness of ones feet. LOVE it.  

4. Describe your fashion sense?

My fashion sense is a little bit of anything, any elements which is out there, assists me in making my decision on what to wear everyday. If I am feeling a little laid back for campus I would wear comfortable sneakers, skinny jeans and a hoodie. If I feel like I need to make a little more effort I would opt for a chino, a pretty heel or embellished pumps and a nude colored blouse to go with it. 

5. Heels or Flats?

(TOUGH DECISION) although it will depend, but HEELS it is.

6. The best advice you ever received?

LOVE wholeheartedly or don't love at all. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Hi everyone, Today is a little something different on the blog. 

Stitched the Blog was nominated 4 times for the Liester Award. 

What is A Liebster award? 

A Liebster Award is an award given to up and coming bloggers who have below 200 followers.

I really do feel honored to be nominated four times for this award. Okay, so it's not an Oscar or anything, but I feel great that I am recognized as an up and coming blogger and it's good to know that people enjoy reading your blog, right? 

I was nominated by Annie from The glam locket , check out her blog for everything Glam!  


Annie's Questions are :

1. Who is the most important person in your life?

(YIKES) This is a tough one! My mom + dad will always be my pride and joy, but since I've gotten engaged , I'd have to say that my fiance is the most important person in my life. 

2. What is your ultimate date-night?

Hmmm, My ultimate date night would include having my fiance take me shopping after hours at my favorite shopping mall, he should of course be the one paying, thereafter, I'd probably need a foot massage after all that walking and trying on. Last but not least a scrumptious meal at my favorite resturant, along with my favorite band performing while we dine. An autograph would not be too bad either. 

3. Shoes or Handbags?


4. What is your favourite technical gadget?

My fav gadget has to be my tablet! I mean it has everything on one device!  

5. If you could collaborate with any well-known blogger out there, who would it be?

 This is a tough one as there are MANY bloggers I'd like to collaborate with. If I could only choose one, it will be Jules from Sincerely Jules!A woman with Such great style!

6. What do you think is a must have in every ladies closet?

A must have in every ladies closet would be a great tailored pants.

7. What is your favourite makeup brand and why?

My favorite make up brand is MAC makeup. I buy it for its superior quality and it suits my skin type pretty well. 

8. What would be your ideal job and why?

To become a fashion editor for a leading magazine company.  

9. What is your favourite fashion retail outlet to shop at?

I shop wherever I find something worth buying and I make sure I look good in it. Anything from Mr Price, Factorie, Zara, YDE or cotton on. If I look good in it, I buy it . Kapish. 

10. Would you prefer an expensive, brand new fashion item or a cooking class with a famous chef?

I need to start learning how to cook because I am getting married next year so I think that a cooking class with a famous chef will come in handy!! Hhaaha!

Thanks for the awesome questions Annie! I had so much fun answering them! 



Sunday, 27 October 2013


Hello everyone! 

Besides having an undying love for heels and dressing up whenever I can, I also love dressing casually/bohemian. 

My fave bohemian must-haves are: 

1. A sun hat

2. A boho inspired dress

3.Comfortable pumps

4. Bangles , feathered earings, Rings

5. Loose hippy printed pants 

6. A pretty cardigan with an aztec printed detail

7. Wild hair , curly, wavy whatever

8. Minimal make up, has to be nice and clean and fresh looking 

9. Body - wrap bag 

10. A free spirited attitude


The bohemian look does not mean that you do not have to shower in the morning, it's simply about taking simple items in your wardrobe and giving it a more free-spirited vibe to it by adding pretty prints and subtle or semi-vibrant colors. 

Keep it classy, always. 

What are some of your bohemian must-haves? 



Saturday, 19 October 2013


Hey Everyone, 

I hope that you are having a fab day so far as summer slowly approaches the mother City. My outfit selection includes this fairly simple 'black-peppered' colored dress, neon pink 80's sandal like shoes ,a turban wrap on my head and a body wrap bag. 

All this against a otherwise beautiful isolated street in Cape Town. Lately, I am finding myself choosing my location so wisely, what do you think about my most recent decisions regarding location?



Sunday, 6 October 2013


Hey Ladies and Gents...

My last post did not turn out the way I hoped it would, I was suppose to share the following pics with you and talk about how much I Love my outfit like some kind of vain person. Laughs. But we do it don't we? 

Myself and Nur decided to stop on the side road of De waal drive before our hectic work hours commenced. I opted for this STUNNING (vain!!) canary yellow chiffon shirt and fitted denims and my new babyloves (cut out shoes) from Luella. I added my black and gold quilted bag and a outrageously high-ass bun. 

The wind stirred up a little, so it made my bun look a little CRAZY!!

Have a fashionable day further 



Thursday, 3 October 2013


A few days ago (if you can say the 19th of September was a few days ago) was my birthday. No, the day didn't greet me with sunshine but with pouring rain followed by beautiful wishes from my parents. I was then collected by my Fiance and we enjoyed the rest of day dining indoors and enjoying good food and good company.I also received the best birthday present EVER- A Canon Powershot digital camera (Thanks Babe!)

And that was pretty much it. 

Now I am twenty-two. 

I am not ready to be twenty-two though. 

Next I'll be thirty.

It sucks how life doesn't politely ask you if you ready to be a certain age, or if you can undertake certain responsibilities which comes with that age. For example, next year (God willing) I will be a qualified HIGH SCHOOL English teacher. I will need to take charge of a class in which the learners are a few years younger than what I am. 

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE teaching. It's truly humbling and a rewarding experience.   

I just feel that my qualifications is larger than my age. Then again, when do you start when you don't start young? In addition, which job started out with the person having enough experience anyway? You learn to be an expert in your field through experience (My Fiance said this).

Undoubtedly true. 

Forever young 



Friday, 27 September 2013

Ghetto Avenue

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday!

On Tuesday my mom celebrated her birthday along with family and friends, it was also Heritage day. Everyone met up at my Grandma's place for lunch followed by cake and tea. It's always exciting going to my grandparents, mostly because they live in the heart of the Cape flats- Mannenberg. 

I decided to have my beloved Kiki take some pictures of me in the 'ghetto'. 'They're quite raw' is what I told Kiki after having a look at them.     

This one was the most striking to me ...

 Thanks For reading guys and girls!



Photo Credit: KikiCoCo photography 

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Hey Everyone! I hope your Monday is off to a good start. Today we having a little look at a trend which is making it big amongst bloggers, socialites and celebs - The Midi rings. 

What are midi rings? 

 A midi ring, where 'midi' stands for 'midway' is a ring which is suppose to go only up until just a little below the nail. (Laughs) explaining such details is not exactly what I am good at, But hey you understand what I'm 'tryna' say?

What do I think about this trend? 

When I first saw Midi Rings on popular celebs like Riri I thought 'HEY I LOVE it!' I think that it is the perfect feel of 'cool' meets edgy. I also love the fact that midi rings can give you a sense of looking 'chic' without over-doing it with your clothing. Minimalism is key. 

The midi ring trend, like leather pieces for this season wasn't BOOM all up in your face, it was subtle, slow processing and went viral (Like mushrooms blooming, LOL, yes I just compared it to 

Where Can U get Midi-rings? 

I have done my research here and there: I have seen that Sass Diva have gorgeous statement pieces. They had a pack of 3 for 75 ZAR. Although they have a five pack ring set with different elements on like crosses and so forth for 85 ZAR,in my opinion  that seems to be more worth it . 

What are your thoughts on the midi-ring trend? 

Drop me a comment <3



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Thursday, 5 September 2013

NOW TRENDING : Cap-toe,block heels & strappy sandals

No Hello's or Hi's. I have a confession. I love shoes!


I remember,there was a time in high school, in which I was having a really crazy broke-ass week! This all altered for the worse when I spent my last R300 on a pair of shoes that I felt I just needed to have! No, the 'But you won't have money tomorrow' OR 'Your mom's not gonna be too happy' did not stop me from purchasing those adorable bright pink strappy blocked heels. (LAUGHS).

When I eventually got home and showed my mom my 'crazy' spending spree, she furiously told me to take them back as they were the most ugliest pair of shoes she has ever seen. Years later (last month) flipping through one of the magazines-to my delight- there were my 'ugly' pair of heels. Staring back at me. Well, not exactly the same, but absolutely similar! 

okay,okay,back to what you came here for : 

The cap-toe

The cap-toe heel identified by its metal like feature on the 'nose' of the heel allows for an instant chic look to ones outfit. Traditionally worn with straight cut pants for the  office can now be worn wuth skirts & jeggings for a night out. 

 The block heel

The most appealing feature about this heel is the fact that it has a block heel which makes walking really really easy and comfortable. Specifically designed for those ladies who prefer wearing pumps to the office. With this heel, there is no excuse not look TRE-CHIC while working! It comes with the cap-toe too!

The strappy sandal

Perhaps I am being biased or what ever, (laughs), but this is by far the best shoe trend that I have seen in stores coming up for Spring/Summer. This shoe is a sexy silhouette perfect for almost any foot shape. I suppose that the only word of advice I can give (if you are planning to buy)is to make sure that you go for a pedicure as this shoe reminds me a little of a bikini: by wearing it you showing a lot off, hence a bikini wax would be in order.So scrub those heels and paint those nails as your feet is about to do a whole lot of showing off. 

I hope you enjoyed my post...



Monday, 2 September 2013

Hello August, G'bye August: Beauty Buys

Hello Everyone! The month of August has come and gone by so quick. So quick that I didn't have enough time to share my August beauty buys with you. My reason- according to me - for buying so many beauty products this month was to get out of the little rut  I was in in July. But alas! I am back to being me again and for that I am so GRATEFUL.

Morrocon Argon oil shampoo & conditioner/ Avon Milk & Honey face wash,treatment and moisturizer/Goji Berry body wash/Rejuvenating spray/Lemon & Lime body butter/ Woolworths make-up fix spray/ Avon Hair brush.    

Monday, 19 August 2013

One Scarf, Four Looks

Hi Everyone! trust that everyone has had a wonderful start to the week. I finally finished off my crit lessons and I have two more weeks left until I go back to campus. (Happy dance). 

In today's post I have this beautiful stripe scarf which is part of my August buys (expect a post soon). The scarf is fairly wide and long enough to provide coverage and volume for your desired looks. 

Below are a few looks I managed to put together: 

The turban-knot
       WHY : Perfect for spicing up a boring outfit, provides the right amount of 'chic'.    

Pretty-Hijaab Wrap

 WHY: I know that a lot of hijaab styles cover the ears and that can be sad if you love ear candy. 
This is the perfect scarf styling technique used to show off your beautiful earings. The draping in front is convenient as you do not need to add a neck scarf. 

The flowy summer scarf
WHY: Scrap the boring turban(the one with the big bun at the back) and opt for a side-flow. For me, this look represents 'DARING'. It captures stepping out of the norm perfectly.   
 The Twister

WHY: Another look which adds 'chic' to your outfit when it's lacking a little BAM!!! This head gear will definitely make people look at you twice as it is something different and FUN!  
Which look would you like to see me do a little tutorial on? 

Don't be shy.