Sunday, 24 November 2013


  HEY Stitched Readers! Le Blog was once again nominated for the Liebster award!Fatima- the blogger behind memrsme blog nominated me!

I enjoyed answering the questions! It allowed me to reflect a little on who I am and those sort of things. 

'Nuff said, Here we go:

1. What do you love about blogging?

Blogging has become a outlet for me to express my creativity. I love the fact that when I post something, my readers respond so well and positively to my thoughts. I also love attending launches and being the first to know what trend/s are going to be in next season and not forgetting, the perks of being a blogger are those amazing goody bags we receive.

2. What is your opinion about Hijab and Modest wear?

I absolutley love LOVE modest wear, although truth be told, I sometimes find it difficult to dress modestly. But when I do, I feel great. Covered but perfect. One day I hope to have a blog solely based on a modern Hijaabi. (Inshallah,God willing).

3. What is your favourite fashion trend of this year?

For this year, I LOVED the tribal and aztec prints that are available in stores, even in its minimal portions. Anything with a touch of print is something you will see me wear. For shoes i Love the heeled sandal which shows the sexiness of ones feet. LOVE it.  

4. Describe your fashion sense?

My fashion sense is a little bit of anything, any elements which is out there, assists me in making my decision on what to wear everyday. If I am feeling a little laid back for campus I would wear comfortable sneakers, skinny jeans and a hoodie. If I feel like I need to make a little more effort I would opt for a chino, a pretty heel or embellished pumps and a nude colored blouse to go with it. 

5. Heels or Flats?

(TOUGH DECISION) although it will depend, but HEELS it is.

6. The best advice you ever received?

LOVE wholeheartedly or don't love at all. 

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