Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Hi everyone, Today is a little something different on the blog. 

Stitched the Blog was nominated 4 times for the Liester Award. 

What is A Liebster award? 

A Liebster Award is an award given to up and coming bloggers who have below 200 followers.

I really do feel honored to be nominated four times for this award. Okay, so it's not an Oscar or anything, but I feel great that I am recognized as an up and coming blogger and it's good to know that people enjoy reading your blog, right? 

I was nominated by Annie from The glam locket , check out her blog for everything Glam!  


Annie's Questions are :

1. Who is the most important person in your life?

(YIKES) This is a tough one! My mom + dad will always be my pride and joy, but since I've gotten engaged , I'd have to say that my fiance is the most important person in my life. 

2. What is your ultimate date-night?

Hmmm, My ultimate date night would include having my fiance take me shopping after hours at my favorite shopping mall, he should of course be the one paying, thereafter, I'd probably need a foot massage after all that walking and trying on. Last but not least a scrumptious meal at my favorite resturant, along with my favorite band performing while we dine. An autograph would not be too bad either. 

3. Shoes or Handbags?


4. What is your favourite technical gadget?

My fav gadget has to be my tablet! I mean it has everything on one device!  

5. If you could collaborate with any well-known blogger out there, who would it be?

 This is a tough one as there are MANY bloggers I'd like to collaborate with. If I could only choose one, it will be Jules from Sincerely Jules!A woman with Such great style!

6. What do you think is a must have in every ladies closet?

A must have in every ladies closet would be a great tailored pants.

7. What is your favourite makeup brand and why?

My favorite make up brand is MAC makeup. I buy it for its superior quality and it suits my skin type pretty well. 

8. What would be your ideal job and why?

To become a fashion editor for a leading magazine company.  

9. What is your favourite fashion retail outlet to shop at?

I shop wherever I find something worth buying and I make sure I look good in it. Anything from Mr Price, Factorie, Zara, YDE or cotton on. If I look good in it, I buy it . Kapish. 

10. Would you prefer an expensive, brand new fashion item or a cooking class with a famous chef?

I need to start learning how to cook because I am getting married next year so I think that a cooking class with a famous chef will come in handy!! Hhaaha!

Thanks for the awesome questions Annie! I had so much fun answering them! 



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