Friday, 27 September 2013

Ghetto Avenue

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday!

On Tuesday my mom celebrated her birthday along with family and friends, it was also Heritage day. Everyone met up at my Grandma's place for lunch followed by cake and tea. It's always exciting going to my grandparents, mostly because they live in the heart of the Cape flats- Mannenberg. 

I decided to have my beloved Kiki take some pictures of me in the 'ghetto'. 'They're quite raw' is what I told Kiki after having a look at them.     

This one was the most striking to me ...

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Photo Credit: KikiCoCo photography 

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Hey Everyone! I hope your Monday is off to a good start. Today we having a little look at a trend which is making it big amongst bloggers, socialites and celebs - The Midi rings. 

What are midi rings? 

 A midi ring, where 'midi' stands for 'midway' is a ring which is suppose to go only up until just a little below the nail. (Laughs) explaining such details is not exactly what I am good at, But hey you understand what I'm 'tryna' say?

What do I think about this trend? 

When I first saw Midi Rings on popular celebs like Riri I thought 'HEY I LOVE it!' I think that it is the perfect feel of 'cool' meets edgy. I also love the fact that midi rings can give you a sense of looking 'chic' without over-doing it with your clothing. Minimalism is key. 

The midi ring trend, like leather pieces for this season wasn't BOOM all up in your face, it was subtle, slow processing and went viral (Like mushrooms blooming, LOL, yes I just compared it to 

Where Can U get Midi-rings? 

I have done my research here and there: I have seen that Sass Diva have gorgeous statement pieces. They had a pack of 3 for 75 ZAR. Although they have a five pack ring set with different elements on like crosses and so forth for 85 ZAR,in my opinion  that seems to be more worth it . 

What are your thoughts on the midi-ring trend? 

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

NOW TRENDING : Cap-toe,block heels & strappy sandals

No Hello's or Hi's. I have a confession. I love shoes!


I remember,there was a time in high school, in which I was having a really crazy broke-ass week! This all altered for the worse when I spent my last R300 on a pair of shoes that I felt I just needed to have! No, the 'But you won't have money tomorrow' OR 'Your mom's not gonna be too happy' did not stop me from purchasing those adorable bright pink strappy blocked heels. (LAUGHS).

When I eventually got home and showed my mom my 'crazy' spending spree, she furiously told me to take them back as they were the most ugliest pair of shoes she has ever seen. Years later (last month) flipping through one of the magazines-to my delight- there were my 'ugly' pair of heels. Staring back at me. Well, not exactly the same, but absolutely similar! 

okay,okay,back to what you came here for : 

The cap-toe

The cap-toe heel identified by its metal like feature on the 'nose' of the heel allows for an instant chic look to ones outfit. Traditionally worn with straight cut pants for the  office can now be worn wuth skirts & jeggings for a night out. 

 The block heel

The most appealing feature about this heel is the fact that it has a block heel which makes walking really really easy and comfortable. Specifically designed for those ladies who prefer wearing pumps to the office. With this heel, there is no excuse not look TRE-CHIC while working! It comes with the cap-toe too!

The strappy sandal

Perhaps I am being biased or what ever, (laughs), but this is by far the best shoe trend that I have seen in stores coming up for Spring/Summer. This shoe is a sexy silhouette perfect for almost any foot shape. I suppose that the only word of advice I can give (if you are planning to buy)is to make sure that you go for a pedicure as this shoe reminds me a little of a bikini: by wearing it you showing a lot off, hence a bikini wax would be in order.So scrub those heels and paint those nails as your feet is about to do a whole lot of showing off. 

I hope you enjoyed my post...



Monday, 2 September 2013

Hello August, G'bye August: Beauty Buys

Hello Everyone! The month of August has come and gone by so quick. So quick that I didn't have enough time to share my August beauty buys with you. My reason- according to me - for buying so many beauty products this month was to get out of the little rut  I was in in July. But alas! I am back to being me again and for that I am so GRATEFUL.

Morrocon Argon oil shampoo & conditioner/ Avon Milk & Honey face wash,treatment and moisturizer/Goji Berry body wash/Rejuvenating spray/Lemon & Lime body butter/ Woolworths make-up fix spray/ Avon Hair brush.