Thursday, 25 May 2017

On My Beauty Desk: Essence "Little Eyebrow Monsters" & LA Girl HD Foundation

All products available at Dis-Chem and Clicks.

Hey beauties! I hope you've had a great start/slow ending to your week! I'm off from work  due to Ascension Day so it gives me a bit of time to catch up with all my admin that I had in my 'drafts' folder and reply to a million emails. (Laughs)

I received this cool package on my beauty desk from Essence Cosmetix for me to try on my brows. I have never really been one to fill my brows but when I headed to Riyadh and became friends with make-up diva's, they changed my entire perception about filling in one's brows. Having filled-in shaped brows using "Essence make brows WOW" (I use this daily) pallette, frames one's face beautifully. Also, my recent purchase from LA GIRL cosmetics is something that I thought I needed to write about because it's really the BOMB-Diggady!! I didn't want to do a separate post before life happens again so I thought I'll shove them both in one post! 

Essence little eyebrow monsters-eyebrow & highlighter set 

Product at a glance 

It has two eyebrow powders in brown shades including a highlighter. The texture of the powders are baked and comes with an integrated brush to ensure the brow hair captures the colour wonderfully. The product contains a lighter shade for blondes and light brown hairs and a expressive darker version for brunettes. It is available in 01 'little miss natural' and 02 'little miss bold'. This product retails for R63.50. 

My thoughts 

Affordable good quality make-up without breaking the bank! and small enough to pop in my make-up bag for travelling. Winner! 

Essence little eyebrow monsters-eyebrow lifter 

Product at a glance 

Crayon-like retractable brow lifter in the colour rose (as pictured above) and 'silky-shimmer'. Available in 01 'lift em up' in white and 02 'lift em up' in rosy. This product retails for R47.95 

My thoughts 

I've used this product once on full face make-up and taken some mandatory selfies with a few of my friends and I'm pleased to let you know that my brows popped in the pics! Also, can't go wrong with the 50 bucks!! 

                                Essence little eyebrow monsters- eyebrow stencils 

Product at a glance 

Three different stencils offer help with your brow make-up. They make it easier to accentuate the brows and give them a new cool shape. Retails for about R34,95. 

My thoughts 

I am so glad that essence made a product that will save you a trip to your local Pakistani barber shop to have your brows threaded. Now you can shape your brows in the comfort of your own home. I remember looking for a 'brow lady' in Riyadh with no luck!! This would have been a life-saver if I had it stashed in my make-up bag!!! 

LA Girl Pro-conceal HD foundation 

Product at a glance 

The 28ml sophisticated pump technology on this inexpensive foundation is perfect for medium to full coverage. Unlike other foundations made of glass, the packaging of this is made of plastic perspex which will save you a couple of bucks if you accident prone like myself!! Retails for about R170. 

 My thoughts 

Since using this foundation I have stopped using the MAC Studio fix foundation, not that I found anything particularly wrong with the MAC. Without a doubt, MAC provides one with full coverage and is long-lasting. I just feel that the consistency is quite thick and you may look cakey. Unlike the LA Girl HD foundation which has a more runny consistency but still gives a full coverage. This foundation is good enough to use for special occasions as it will last for the event and light enough to not make you look cakey. Warm beige is certainly my colour. 

What new beauty product(s) have you tried that you think I should give a go? I'd love to hear. 

Have an awesome weekend! 


Friday, 21 April 2017


Wow! It's been a while since I've written. Well, I've written but just haven't had the courage to click publish yet. I keep on re-reading, re-editing even deleting 'cause at times, I have doubts about whether you'd like my content. And then other times, like today, I'm in that what-the-hell-mood and I basically have word vomit and do whatever the hell I want to do with no filter. It's weird, I have those days. 

Photo by Capturing Concepts Photography
Anyway, so the other day I'm in Masjied for Jumuah (Friday) prayers and on my way out I'm greeted by one of my blog readers. At first, I try and recognize the face (yes, I stalk your profiles) but my cognitive recognition was a bit low. With my eyes squinting and mind wandering, she notices, laughs and she introduces herself and then came the 'oohs and aahs..'. 

She then asks me "When are you going back...?", confusingly I ask her "Where to?...". With a grin on her face she exclaims "Riyadh..". Haaha! Truthfully, the first thing that came to mind was "Wait, how does she know this?". Our exchanges was brief and off I went to have Jumuah lunch. 

Later, I didn't realize that for a good five seconds I felt imposed upon and almost invaded. But how can I feel this way if I post things on my Social Media for the world to see and for them to judge? How can I not expect someone to exclaim that they loved what I had for lunch last week at 2 'o clock?! Or wishing my mom a Happy Birthday. Don't get me wrong, in no way am I bashing my blog reader, I am actually so thankful for that encounter as she was a catalyst for this thought process to occur. 

I've come to realize, that Social Media is like a room with a bunch of people in the sense that everyone knows everybody and when I say KNOW, they really know your life. And when you post your life on SM, how can one not expect people to ask seemingly personal questions? or to make a judgement for that matter? (I've been pretty judged lately, especially through SM). The truth is, if you going to post something on SM, you absolutely need to be open to criticism and judgement. Unfortunately, people are entitled to their own opinions. No matter how bitter it may be or how bitter they may be. 

Lesson: Caution yourself on what you post on sites like Instagram AND Snap. 

That's it from me. Have an awesome weekend ahead guys! I know I am. 

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Thursday, 9 March 2017


Welcome to the second part of my Denim series! A huge thank you for all the love I received from you on my social media platforms w.r.t my previous look (view here!). It really warms my heart when I am supported, it motivates me to continue doing what I love. And makes me feel amazing that my voice is acknowledged. 

I haven't done 'Random' babbling for some time now and I thought HEY why not 'cause I've had crazy random epiphanies of late that I managed to place into five points. Here goes: 


1. We often invest ourselves in people who don't value us or our time. Break free. 

2. Some people may have 1 or 2 outta "flaws" while others have a 1000 inner. Just because yours are inner doesn't give you the leverage to judge others. (Know your place?)

3. A weak man can't love a strong woman. He wouldn't know what do with her. 

4. Some 'older' folk use their age to impose power onto those seemingly 'younger'.Being in a position of 'power' as a young teacher, I've never made my students to feel 'less' than I. I didn't demand this highty tighty shitty respect, but earned it. It was through this that I became a warrior teacher. #Fearless 

5. What you allow is what will continue. 

About this look... 

For this particular denim look I wanted to create a chic and comfortable Saturday (out with the girls) kind of outfit. I've opted to show you how I would wear the classic knee length denim dress.I like that this dress buttons all the way down so it gives the freedom to wear it open as a longer length denim shirt over fitted jeggings and a tee. Also, it's flattering for almost all body types (win!!). 

To compliment my outfit 4flavour Accessories was kind enough to send over this really cool fedora inspired hat. I really love wearing hats in summer as it saves me so much time with hair styling and on top of that it gives such a chic look to a 'boring' outfit. If you a bit weary about wearing a hat try pairing it with boyfriend jeans, a statement tee, a stylish handbag and you ready for lunch with the girls. These laced heels are such an easy walk though. That's why I thought it a great idea to pair it with this Saturday outfit. You can view more of this shoe story over here! 

Denim Dress//HnM, Necklace//Iconic, Watch//Fossil, Tan Tote Bag//Old Navy, Hat// 4Flavour available at YDE, Shoes// Mr Price online 
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Friday, 24 February 2017


Welcome to part one of my denim series. I created this series based on the fact that I know for sure each and every one of us has at least one, two or three denim items in our closet. It may be in the form of a denim jeans (skinny, straight cut or bootlegged), a denim shirt (cropped, rustic in color or the traditional Levi strauss one) and of course the edgy denim dress that transcends through the seasons: In summer with sandals or pretty heels and Autumn with leggings and boots. 

For this look I decided to bring the 70's inspired bell-bottom jeans back in style! I remember when this made a come back a few years back, I'd often wear it to work dressed slightly down for a more formal look and so that I could be taken 'seriously' by my students (laughs). Needless to say the ones who had an eye for style thought that it was pretty dope.  For this look I decided to pair it with this beautiful chiffon blouse from Zara which I purchased in Riyadh when they had their end of season summer sale (score!!). If you're a shorty, these jeans give you the opportunity to wear pretty heels that will give the appearance of longer legs. The Diamante choker from 4flavour Accessories is a piece I selected from their summer range. I love chokers. So by adding this diamante one to my collection was a no brainer. It's perfect for a night out on the town with the girls or a seriously decked out event at a luxurious hotel. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading my post today and keep a look out for the next two parts of my denim series that'll inspire you to wear denim-gorgeously-this summer! Want to keep up with me? Follow me on Instagram and Like me on Facebook. 

Top//Zara, Jeans//Mr Price, Shoes//Aldo, Bag// YSL, Watch//Fossil, Rings & Choker//4Flavour Accessories available at YDE