Thursday, 25 May 2017

On My Beauty Desk: Essence "Little Eyebrow Monsters" & LA Girl HD Foundation

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Hey beauties! I hope you've had a great start/slow ending to your week! I'm off from work  due to Ascension Day so it gives me a bit of time to catch up with all my admin that I had in my 'drafts' folder and reply to a million emails. (Laughs)

I received this cool package on my beauty desk from Essence Cosmetix for me to try on my brows. I have never really been one to fill my brows but when I headed to Riyadh and became friends with make-up diva's, they changed my entire perception about filling in one's brows. Having filled-in shaped brows using "Essence make brows WOW" (I use this daily) pallette, frames one's face beautifully. Also, my recent purchase from LA GIRL cosmetics is something that I thought I needed to write about because it's really the BOMB-Diggady!! I didn't want to do a separate post before life happens again so I thought I'll shove them both in one post! 

Essence little eyebrow monsters-eyebrow & highlighter set 

Product at a glance 

It has two eyebrow powders in brown shades including a highlighter. The texture of the powders are baked and comes with an integrated brush to ensure the brow hair captures the colour wonderfully. The product contains a lighter shade for blondes and light brown hairs and a expressive darker version for brunettes. It is available in 01 'little miss natural' and 02 'little miss bold'. This product retails for R63.50. 

My thoughts 

Affordable good quality make-up without breaking the bank! and small enough to pop in my make-up bag for travelling. Winner! 

Essence little eyebrow monsters-eyebrow lifter 

Product at a glance 

Crayon-like retractable brow lifter in the colour rose (as pictured above) and 'silky-shimmer'. Available in 01 'lift em up' in white and 02 'lift em up' in rosy. This product retails for R47.95 

My thoughts 

I've used this product once on full face make-up and taken some mandatory selfies with a few of my friends and I'm pleased to let you know that my brows popped in the pics! Also, can't go wrong with the 50 bucks!! 

                                Essence little eyebrow monsters- eyebrow stencils 

Product at a glance 

Three different stencils offer help with your brow make-up. They make it easier to accentuate the brows and give them a new cool shape. Retails for about R34,95. 

My thoughts 

I am so glad that essence made a product that will save you a trip to your local Pakistani barber shop to have your brows threaded. Now you can shape your brows in the comfort of your own home. I remember looking for a 'brow lady' in Riyadh with no luck!! This would have been a life-saver if I had it stashed in my make-up bag!!! 

LA Girl Pro-conceal HD foundation 

Product at a glance 

The 28ml sophisticated pump technology on this inexpensive foundation is perfect for medium to full coverage. Unlike other foundations made of glass, the packaging of this is made of plastic perspex which will save you a couple of bucks if you accident prone like myself!! Retails for about R170. 

 My thoughts 

Since using this foundation I have stopped using the MAC Studio fix foundation, not that I found anything particularly wrong with the MAC. Without a doubt, MAC provides one with full coverage and is long-lasting. I just feel that the consistency is quite thick and you may look cakey. Unlike the LA Girl HD foundation which has a more runny consistency but still gives a full coverage. This foundation is good enough to use for special occasions as it will last for the event and light enough to not make you look cakey. Warm beige is certainly my colour. 

What new beauty product(s) have you tried that you think I should give a go? I'd love to hear. 

Have an awesome weekend! 


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