Thursday, 21 April 2016

5 Cozy Autumn Outfits which will make you swoon

So the internet is filled with Autumn inspiration and I am happy to say that I am going to fill that blob of cyber space. Most of the items shown below don't really fulfill any 'trend'... To me, clothing and the key to having great style should be about setting your own trends and I hope that you see that in my outfits as much I think I portray that about myself. Most of what is below is how I tend to feel on that day and I suppose most of what was selected was , let's say, mood-dependent. 

Sometimes you'll find me in a jeans and sneaks and other times in A-line dresses and a great pair of heels. Even to school (which is my full time job-FYI)  I usually tone it down a little by dressing more modestly. That would mean making sure that my butt is covered cause , well, I teach growing adolescents! 

Peruse through these looks and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear whether you think I should continue. Comment below to let me know. 




Friday, 15 April 2016



Today's post won't be long but will involve a bit of randomness and more of this outfit. 
Random . . .
 After talking to my class about how they shouldn't be afraid to compliment one another one of my learners said something so profound. She mentioned that she doesn't understand why girls hate on other girls and that she believes that girls should support one another. Of course, I nodded in agreement. 

Later, I realized how really cool it was that a 14 year old girl thought this and the next day I called her one side and expressed how proud I was that she held this stance about women in general. I just think it's so awesome and hope that someday all women can uplift one another  instead of pushing one another down (especially since social media makes it so easy) Just a Random thought! 

About this look . . . 

This look was literally 'thrown together' as captured through the lens of the gorgeous and oh so talented Zeenat from Pursuing Pictorialism  I'm not one for trends but I like taking current trends and making them my own. I suppose that is what makes Stitched The Blog right? 

Although the blanket cape (with fringes, and all!) trend has always been my fav along with  the bohemian. I feel when the two are gelled together, its hard to make a mistake! The blanket cape from Cotton On which I purchased two years ago is still one of my essentials which I turn to for those Autumn days and of course is perfect to wear over jeggings as I've worn it here. The black straw hat- sent to me by the cool folk from 4Flavour -
 literally completes my look and is like the 'Stamp of approval' to confirm that this look, is in fact, Coachella-Bohemian. Which makes me super happy! And of course, not forgetting this gigantic over-sized scarf, I swear, it can wrap around my neck about five times (laughs). Last and certainly not least The lace up heels is the perfect ending to this Autumn inspired outfit. Don't you think? 

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below or on any of my SM platforms. They make my day!