Sunday, 20 January 2013


Last week and wednesday myself and my fiance went out for a mid-week lunch to just chill and hangout a bit before we resume our hectic lives again. After much debate we found ourselves dining at KALKIES in kalk bay. 

This old school fish and chips diner brings back plenty of memories as a little girl coming to the harbour with my parents! And it was awesome sharing it again with the man im going to spend my life with. Upon arrival there was much debate about what to have, we ended up settling for the traditional hake,chips and calamari. Hmmm! Mouth-watering!

For the outing i decided to go for a very chilled laid back look. I did this by wearing a black skinny jeans along with a over-sized cotton t-shirt and light baby blue sneakers. As i have said on my facebook page im traditionally a girly girl and this outfit is somewhat out of my element but REALLY cool i think. 

All my love 

Iptishaam Davids<3

Strutting the blue sneakers i bought last year! Finally have the courage to wear it! 

Looking at these amazing Art pieces! South Africa really has so much talent! 

Having a laugh

The fiance- Nur 

Your blogger 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Needless to say this year went by super fast! This was by far my most memorable year that I've had: From completing assignment after assignment at University to something less stressful (at least for me) :
Being asked for my hand in marriage by my loving boyfriend. What a year hey!

I'm sure that the next question all of you will be asking yourself is : what are my new year resolutions??


  1. Completing my final year in Education
  2. Be more motivated to do things i would never see myself doing!
  3. Catch up on some old friends that i never get to see
  4. Smile every morning when i wake up
  5. Appreciate the life i have and people i share it with 
  6. Make a difference in my community
  7. Create a successful blog 
  8. Always to be honest to my readers
  9. BE BOLD!
  10. Live everyday like its my last


This is what i wore for new years eve