Monday, 31 December 2012

Stitched- The Blog by Iptishaam Davids

The blog by Iptishaam Davids

Where it all began 

Hi everyone!

If i have to honestly say where it all began I would have to mention one thing: When i was in 4th grade. I was outside on our front lawn, wearing my denim jumpsuit, bushy hair and with free spirit i started collecting magazines and begun to cut out everything that i thought would be great for my new A4  92 page hard cover book.  I snipped out images of models wearing (what i thought to be) 'sexy' clothing. By doing this i started styling and putting things together. 

Later in my life when i started working at YDE, I began styling customers and putting outfits together. 
I have this incredible ability to imagine customers in outfits before they've even tried it on!

And that is why i decided to start a Blog, a place where i can express my thoughts and opinions on anything and everything i find interesting and thought provoking!

I hope that you find my posts to follow as exciting as what I would be writing it!