Monday, 11 July 2016


I've always thought of my style as trend-driven, although relaxed with a little bit of classiness attached to it. Truthfully, I often forget about the classics amidst the sea of trends we, at times drown in. So when the cool folk from Daniel Wellington got in touch with me to sport One of their classics, I was more than happy to get back to my roots!  

 About the brand 
Daniel Wellington, a British gentleman founded by Filip Tysander  
  was particularly fond of wearing timeless watches (excuse the pun).  His watches can be described as minimalist and refined with a classic design. The classic design though can be changed up by the use of interchangeable straps found on their website . The absolute classic, the NATO strap inspired by the British Navy in the 70's and the classic genuine leather strap watch is there to suit your mood and any occasion . Whether it is heading out to a fancy black tie event, playing a game of tennis or enjoying the day at the beach club. The hardest decision that you'll have to make is deciding which strap to wear (I know I am)! 

Kudos to the team for creating such a  user friendly the website . I really like things that are easy, especially when one is so busy! And I think you'll love it too. Although it may be tough deciding on exactly which watch to settle on. Do give them a Follow on their Instagram account, I love how visually appealing it is.

To make your shopping experience a lot more pleasant, we're offering a 15%  discount on any of their watches using the code STITCHEDDW at checkout! Cool hey? Happy Shopping! Once bought, do tag us so we can Repost your newly purchased classic on our social media. 

About this look 

When I received the Dapper Durham 35mm watch on my desk I knew it was the ultimate classic watch!It was only fitting that I would automatically peruse through my closet   searching for the perfect classic pieces to style it with.It didn't take me long,  keeping in  mind that my classics referred to tailored pants, classic buttoned shirts and a refined blazer which I only have but a few of. 

I like the different textures of this outfit. My pants, a kind of Georgette fabric paired with the classic collard shirt and the silk like texture of the blazer all lends itself well with what I considered to be the ultimate classics. You're probably thinking, Aha! Again those shoes. FYI these are not my Zoom ones as worn here! but I love how a pointy heel just elongates ones legs. I purchased these a while back! They may still have the tan ones online

Loving my pictures lately? You might have noticed that I am working quite a bit with Capturing Concepts Photography to bring you these really cool images (even if I have to say it myself). Go ahead and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram .

 They are running such a cool special on their packages. So go ahead and take full advantage! 

Scarf/HnM, Cotton Shirt/Fashion Express,Pants/ Vintage, Shoes & Fringe Bangle/ Mr Price, Necklace/ La Belle, Rose Gold sling bag/ 4flavour YDE




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Monday, 4 July 2016


Photo By Capturing Concepts Photography
I've received such a positive response from everyone on my previous look (here!). Judging from so many emails I've received, I found that dressing modestly is in fact s struggle for those wanting to go that route. So I'm glad when I received an email from one of my readers saying that she found the tips given quite helpful. (You welcome!)

Life of a blogger is never easy when you constantly have to think of something fresh and relevant so that your content can appeal to audiences alike. My source of inspiration are often than not, things happening in society, international Fashion Bloggers and also my personal 'struggles'. Being on a three week holiday from work, allows me to cram! I am cramming all my content into these 3 weeks in the hopes of having content for the next few months! 

I often get asked about blogging and mostly where I get the time to do it in the midst of being a 21st century teacher. Here is some idea of the behind-the-scenes drama that unfolds. We have all been given 24 hours in a day to reach our full potential. Make the most of your 24 hours.
1. Firstly, you have to schedule an appointment with the photographer (use someone who captures your style perfectly and who you are comfortable with).  
2. Select a great outfit.
3. Choose a location to suit the outfit and then obviously write a blog post about it. 
4. Select your pictures carefully by making sure you're happy with what you're going to put out there then write and EDIT your post. 
5. Having your audience know about it by publishing it on all SM networks by using a teaser shot! 
It's a little easier after that and you can decide to post Throw backs using some of the pictures you have never used to write life related posts or even to run a competition! You'll have PLENTY of unused images after a shoot! 
Go ahead and start planning your next outfit in the hopes that everything is still relevant. Through its madness (at times). It's all worth it 'cause it helps me inspire those who need a little push. And I'd like to think that this is why I blog. 

About this look... 

In case you haven't noticed: this is the same outfit, although a little more casual and laid back, as worn here. You know that I love showing you ladies various ways to pull off the seemingly classic look. You'll see that by changing a few details of your outfit, you can create a completely different lookie! 

My love for brogues is eternal. I love them in heels, flats and tasseled! I adore the relax ending it gives to an outfit. Speaking about Tassels, these Tasseled earrings are said to look like parts of a curtain (according to Nur) but I pretty much like the playful nature it gives to the outfit. The scarf and hat combo is just something I thought I'll give a shot and screams high fashion! 

Hat, shoes & shirt/Mr Price, Pants/ Woolworths, Necklace & ring /4flavour YDE, Scarf/ HnM, Watch & Bag/Guess 

Keep a look out for my Eid look coming soon! Yay! 

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