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Modesty for me may not be the same as what it is for everyone else. For some, it may be something more internal and emotional like lowering ones voice when speaking, humbling oneself in front of others. For others, a more external and physical picture comes to mind: wearing over sized clothing, avoiding unnecessary prowling eyes;  basically covering your butt. 

To me, I am naturally extroverted (being a teacher and all) so in some respects the idea of emotional modesty doesn't come easily for me 'cause I constantly have to raise my voice in class and sometimes I present that to the world as well. In fact, Nur has to constantly remind me that I am not at school and that I need to remove my teacher hat! (laughs). 

So while I'm trying my darnest to work on my inner modesty, surprisingly, it seems that my outta modesty comes a little more easily. Some may comment that often dressing modestly may be boring and often mundane. I am here to dispute by saying "ABSOLUTELY NOT"!. One thing I love about dressing modestly, is that it does not imply wearing a head scarf the way I did here. You can do hats or even style your scarf into a Turban style which is usually my go-to style of late!

Here are Some of my tips for shopping modest wear: 

Whenever I shop around for clothing like basic shirts and dresses (dresses I tend to make it Bohemian), I purchase it slightly over-sized, with the exception of jeans and shoes of course. If I feel that jeans are too tight for me and I need to make my outfit a little more modest-y, I'll opt for a pants like this one. But if you are a more jeans Kind of Girl, you can totally wear this Shirt with a light colored jeans or Indigo if that floats your boat! 

When I say purchase slightly over-sized, I don't mean granny or to make you look like you wearing fat Amy's clothing, but rather to the point where you are still looking reasonably presentable. If you struggling to trudge the line between Fat Amy and Granny, take a trusted friend along to help you with this. Usually a sales consultants' opinion will also help you cross that river!

About this look...

Much of this look has been inspired by one of my favorite modest Fashion Bloggers, Saufeeya, from 

 I wanted to show you ladies how you can take seemingly loose fitted pants and shirt without looking like you are drowning in your clothing! I find that cuffed pants is key to achieving this look. In addition, making sure that my shirt is mid-length (depending on your height) also gives a great variation. Also, because I know it's still a little bit chilly, pairing this coat from Maya Maya just gives me life! In fact, I've decided to pair this with my Eid outfit InshA-Allah! 

On a final note, don't be afraid to shop around; that is heading into thrift stores and rummaging through the sale section. Sometimes expensive designer wear can make you look tacky and takes a toll on your pocket. 

Cuffed Pants/ Woolworths, Mid-Length white shirt / Mr Price, Grey Strappy Pointed heels / Zoom , Bag & Watch / Guess , Fringe Scarf in LOLA/ the Scarf company.

About my photographer...

Capturing Concepts will be having a Crazy Winter special!

Book a family, couples, pre-wedding/engagement, kids or an individual shoot and get a 20% discount. One Hour location based shoot in and around Cape Town (25km-30km) radius or even a studio set up at your home. You can have unlimited amount of looks and outfits with an unlimited amount of people. Limited to one Hour and a MAX of 30 edited High Def images supplied on a DVD disc for ONLY R280. 

Contact Abdul/ Rasheeqoh on 082 9920 703/4. 


Happy Shopping and be a doll and let me know what you thought of this outfit on my SM platforms or below!  



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