Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Jersey & Scarf // China Town, Shirt,Jeans, necklace // Mr P, Boots// Foschini
Bag //Luella and Watch // Guess
Hi There!
I am sure that you're enjoying the winter chills as much as I am. I mean, it gives everyone a chance to dress up. Although I know some wouldn't agree that winter is that going out / dressing up season.  Trends like the blanket cape , aztec making a come back, gorg cut out boots and really dark berry lips, who WOULDN'T look for an opportunity to dress up and go out to flaunt the amazing trends which are out there.
Speaking of trends, one of the coziest trends out there are knits. I love them so much (see Instagram)  that I purchased them in each color from China Town. The outfit that I am wearing here is a fairly cost effective outfit where the most expensive thing I'm wearing are my boots and bag: what I always say is never compromise on the price of your shoes as they take you from really cold to really wet weather and for me it's important that ones shoes can stand the elements that we currently experiencing in Cape Town .
I hardly wear my turban any other way besides 'the back with a large bun look' but last week and Sunday I felt I needed a change. So there I was on a Sunday morning, on Youtube, looking up "How to style a Turban" and for sure the turban lady herself, Dina Torkia, demonstrated how to style this turban. I love this style because it's not difficult to knot and it's not something that I need to worry about like whether it'll slip off the whole time (you know how annoying that could be right?) .

The month of June you can expect me to have a cool (excuse the pun) AWwinter15 competition running on my blog & Facebook Page so you ladies need to enter and continue spreading the word about this blog! You are awesome. And also I am hoping to spread my creative wings a little by teaming up with one of SA's style/creative companies. I am really excited about such a venture as sometimes teaching can make me feel a little 'boxed-in'.

Thank you to Kauthar for taking these really fun shots and to Rasheeqoh from Capturing Concepts Photography for Editing! Both of you are a complete life saver! Thank you boo!

What do you think about this look?

Happy Youth Day!

PS: Check out the rest of this look after the jump.






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