Monday, 6 July 2015


By Iptishaam Davids

I actually don't recall when IT happened. One day I was asking the learners to open the windows in my class because it was sweltering hot. I practically had to teach with a fan and had to put it on its coolest in my class. The next moment I found myself wearing a tights underneath my pants and invested in a heater for my classroom.Yes, the IT just happened. Winter has arrived. 

Here are 5 easy tips to survive the 'coolest' season around

You would find that in winter everyone commutes to work with their car due to convenience and mostly because of the weather. This makes the roads almost unbearable especially if you're traveling to the CBD. Leaving earlier, relieves the stress of traffic and keeps your time-keeper at work happy. 

I know that when you come from a long day at work you cannot wait to snuggle up with your electric blanket and Pj's... but you need to think long term. When winter leaves us you will be thinking about getting your body in shape. So why don't start now? My advice would be is to pack your gym bag the night before and place it in the boot of your car, at the end of your shift, remove your work attire and put on your gym clothing. This gives you more motivation to actually go to the gym. 

It's rainy and cold outside so take this time to spend time with the Le Familia indoors! Organize game night at your place. The games that you could enjoy are games like scrabble, 30 seconds and twister. Alternatively, you could have a cook-off whereby each person brings their ingredients to your home and cooks it at your place. This way you learn a new recipe and you enjoy the company of your loved ones!

Due to the increase of colder weather you will find that your hair will so start to become dry and brittle. Opt for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and apply a treatment mask to hair every second week to prevent damage.In addition, try as often as possible to wear some form of head covering to prevent any further damage. Similarly for your skin, according to research, your skin dries out faster in winter due to the evaporation of the air and your skin doesn't produce as much oils as oppose to the other seasons. Therefore, try and look for a moisturizer that suits your skin type and apply this moisturizer in the morning and evening. In addition to this routine, also try and exfoliate every second week. 

People often use this season as a time of complaints and a reason to be negative. The fact is that you cannot change the weather to suit you. So to be frank, just deal with it. Alter your daily routines so that you can enjoy the season and become a happier person in your work place and your family. 

I hope these tips were helpful!

What are some of your tips on surviving the chill?

I'd love to hear, 



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