Monday, 27 October 2014


Photo Credit: Nur
This is probably one of the last look posts that I'm putting out there as a "SINGLE" Woman! 

This look I wore for an afternoon lunch with Nur. I wanted the pics to be taken before we ate cause my make-up was still fresh and i didn't want any 'melting moments' cause yesterday's heat was kinda intense. We then went to our local park and snapped a few shots while people strolled through the park. Is it only me? Or does that make you feel a little awkward? ! 

I love maxi dresses, especially one as fitted as this one. I also love crop tops. But would not dare to wear it just as is. Therefore, I thought that these two seemingly different pieces could help oneanother out (I love this high slit by the way!)

I hope you have an amazing week and happy Monday!



  1. Cool outfit.
    your bloglovin icon doesn't work for me to follow you. it's just an image.

  2. Hi Odette! Thank you for reading!

    oh, and thanks for letting me know, I'll try to sort it out ASAP! I've removed it in the mean time!


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