Friday, 21 March 2014


Hi everyone! 
Lately my life has been super busy:  The endless marking of exams scripts and trying to put time aside for studying has been a roller-coaster ride. It has been so crazy that I don’t always have time to rush home and change my outfits if I want to join my girlfriends for a night out.
Today I decided to put this look-post together for you ladies so that you can get an idea of how you can take one outfit & make it appropriate for two different occasions.
Look type : Casual, relaxed.
For when? Day time, this look is perfect for happy hour with the girls & a trip to the mall.

For the casual and relaxed look I opted for a light boyfriend denim jeans, cream embossed top and embellished sandals. I love these sandals because they’re really comfortable. Also, I tied my hair into a little messy bun so that I don’t look too ‘done up’. (laughs) For this look my make-up is also kept to a minimum.

Look type : Smart Casual
For when? A night out, if you’re having dinner with your significant other straight after work, this look is dinner-appropriate.   

 For the smart casual look I loosened my hair, and scrapped my flats for a pair of these oh-so-comfortable heels. Along with this look you can also add some Ruby woo lipstick from MAC, even a change of bags will turn your whole outfit around!

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