Sunday, 11 August 2013

Dressing up & My Eid 2013

One thing that I had no problem doing from a very very young age was to dress up, parading through my moms closet and my own, I would be dressed up everyday and be absolutely stubborn when it was time to remove the stolen clothing so that my sister could bath me. Those were the days!

That was just a little intro into my dressing up stages. Dressing up for Eid is no different! I cannot wait for after lunch time to do my make-up, get dressed and take a few pictures with my family. 

Me & sis/Fiance/Daddy

This year I wanted a 'modest' look. Along with a tailored pants, black body suit, I think that my head gear assisted me in pulling off this look. By the way, this Hijaab look is from  Dina Toki-o. Follow her YouTube channel for beautiful Hijaab styles. 

I am wanting to do a few scarf-styling tutorials or looks for you ladies that would like to make use of your scarves for upcoming spring(birthday month:)).

Have a fantastic week ahead,Keep it productive.




  1. You looked really great. Love the bag and shoes. All round awesome post.

  2. My dear friend you looked FAB-U-LOUS. As always, she gets it right pulling off the retro and vintage look combined. Love it.

  3. Thanks guys :-) always a pleasure reading your awesome comments♥ much love.

  4. Wow you looked absolutely stunning#classic beauty

  5. You're so sweet! Thank you for the kind words♥

  6. Love the captoe pumps!!! Darling!!!

    stop by sometime <3

    Xo Courtney Q ||

  7. Simply glamorous!! Love the bag and shoes


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